Well, yes

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  1. They own a bank. Surely they can just create €1.9 billion out of thin air to plug the hole in their balance sheet? Could three professors really be wrong about that?

  2. Years ago I saw a discussion about the accuracy of stereotypes. On example given was that German business and politics were far more corrupt than the British stereotype of Germans/Germany assumed.

  3. Big business and big politics here are absolutely stinkingly corrupt, but it’s just the big boys (and girl) in the big league. There isn’t an awful lot of low-level corruption, but when it comes to providing whoring weekends to union bosses, ripping off everyone buying a new car, or taking an extra 8 years over building an airport that doesn’t work, the sky is the limit. What kickbacks the politicians and senior civil service get is anyone’s guess.

  4. @BiG

    A good friend lives in Bielefeld. I wasn’t sure which Land that was in, so I asked him if he was in Niedersachsen. He was outraged: No! We’re (just) in Nordrhein Westfalen – who would want to be governed by Volkswagen?

  5. Chris,

    As a former Nordrheiner, (definitely not a Westfalener), I can assure you that Bielefeld doesn’t exist.

    For the latest political corruption, I have the privilege and honour, as a non car owner, of buying some overpaid Königstein investment wanker a new car for the second time in 11 years. How much do you think Woke-Chancellor Bakhanda is collecting on that investment of my tax euros?

  6. There comes a point where EVERYWHERE is Chinatown and the level of corruption–not just financial but personal and moral–threatens everything and can’t be forgotten –any more than trying to sleep on a mattress stuffed with a dead elephant can be “forgotten”.

    Mankind needs a new motto.


    My suggestion is above lyrics. The lines from 2.20 on being esp apt. Including the incredibly apt mistranslation-by-machine of “high” as “Hyde” –as in Mr.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    No surprises here

    “ Markus Braun, the former CEO of the German payment services provider Wirecard, has been arrested, public prosecutors in Munich confirmed on Tuesday, saying that he had turned himself in on Monday evening.
    A statement from the prosecutors’ office said Braun had been detained on suspicion of inflating the company’s balance sheet and revenues to make it appear stronger and more attractive for investors and customers.”


  8. Former CEO arrested, share price rebounds 20%.

    Do you think he left instructions to sell after the news broke?

  9. I can assure you that Bielefeld doesn’t exist

    I know someone who’s from Bielefeld.
    I’ve been to Bielefeld.
    And I know other people who’ve been to Bielefeld.

    But, then, I’m a fully paid up member of SIE. 🙂

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