Well, yes John, quite so

Racists think England is theirs. It’s time to show them it is not
John Harris


So, who is it using race to define everything at present? It’s not us gammons, that’s fer sure. So, who is it that should be defined as the racists who do not own England?

Gonna be a fun show, innit?

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  1. For all I know property owning institutions such as the National Trust are deeply racist. However, most of the land and property and wealth in general is in private hands, and most of those owners would be very offended to be branded as racists. John Harris should be careful where he treads on this subject.

  2. I thought of the final single put out by those great anti-racists the Clash, and two lines sung in anger and sadness that capture a challenge still unmet: “This is England. This is how we feel.”

    The Clash comprised four white blokes in a beat combo. Not ant-racist enough to include black musicians in the band.

    Great game this, pointing out how ludicrous the claims of so-called anti-racists are.

  3. Perhaps what he really means is ‘Whites think England is theirs. It’s time to show them it’s not.’

  4. The BLM arseholes and all the worthless UK press – not just the Graun – have managed to put race relations in the UK back by 30 years and counting.

    I was watching some youtube videos of 80s/90s rugby league matches at the weekend. At that time, I was a big RL fan and it brought back some fond memories of the mighty Wigan team of the day. I’d forgotten how multi-ethnic RL was then; quite a few Pacific Islanders and a plenty of black Brits as well, including two of the best ever: Martin Offiah and Ellery Hanley. Then I remembered how many of my childhood sports icons were black: Daley Thompson was probably the first and it also occurred to me that I grew up happily watching Floella Benjamin and Derek Griffiths.

    So I grew up accepting black people and being inclined to like them, but generally not thinking about race and judging people as individuals. No doubt David Lammy would say that this is because my childhood icons didn’t challenge my white privilege and evil imperialist heritage. And it’s true, I don’t remember Floella singing “If you’re guilty and you know it, bow in shame”.

    So thanks, Dave, John and all the other cunts who can’t shut up about race, particularly my race and its apparently inherent sins. You’re making me think about my own race and identity, but not in a way you’re going to like.

  5. “And it’s true, I don’t remember Floella singing “If you’re guilty and you know it, bow in shame”.”

    Comment wins the thread.

  6. Any news on how I am supposed to interact with the next black person I meet. I’ve been told not to smile, not to do any number of undefined micro-aggressions, not to be nasty, not to patronise, not to look at, all sorts of not-to but no actual thing to do.

    (Previously my policy would be to treat them just like anybody else, but that’s out.)

  7. The colour is irrelevant.

    If they are Marxist scum then it needs to be war upon them regardless.

    BlueLabour needs special punishment. They have been the state for longer than ZaNu since the war and they have sat on their padded arses while socialism has rotted out everything including their own Party.

    A new Party is needed but if a WTO Brexit happens as I hope then the one unifying element of the anti-left is gone. Too many losers like Theo and his jelly-balled “bulwark” against communism.

    What’s that worth today Theo? While Blojo the Ruiner squats on his atrophied and virus-infected bollocks?

  8. There is this one paragraph from his article which I cannot argue with:-

    English politics…….is “a divided thing, bitterly split, not just between leavers and remainers but between the England of the big multicultural cities on one side, and the villages and towns on the other”. Viewed crudely, over the past five years, the latter had the most important things their way: the result was an unstable politics that was sooner or later going to explode.

  9. Thats right Tim …’Britain is full up ‘meant full up with Australian Doctors! I think ethnic Nationalism might be a better word than racism and I`m really not sure there is much anti Black racism in the Uk. Brexit was,nonetheless, all about anti immigrant hate mongering .It was relentless dishonest
    and applauded by European Facsits and t UK Fascists.

    If you missed the show pick it up on BBCi player or something ..end badly

  10. New Remainiac

    Please take a few seconds to sense check your writing before hitting the ‘Post’

    ‘Brexit was,nonetheless, all about anti immigrant hate mongering .It was relentless dishonest
    and applauded by European Facsits and t UK Fascists.

    If you missed the show pick it up on BBCi player or something ..end badly‘

    What is this supposed to mean?

    Two possible explanations? 1/ Are you Murphy trolling? 2/ Are you a badly programmed bot?

  11. “the worthless UK press”

    Worthless U.S. press, too.

    Intellect is conspicuously absent from the press. Just a cursory review of the facts ends this whole story. The press isn’t to be troubled.

    BLM is racist to its core, black supremacy is their game. Plenty in the Left think black supremacy is not racist.

    Pelosi taking a knee (and not being able to get up), is the most embarrassing thing in the history of Western Civilization. Surrender to racist anarchists.

  12. To fully express the embarrassment of her action I suggest:-

    Pelosi taking a knee while attempting to virtue-signal by wearing Kente cloth traditionally made in and associated with the Ashanti region of Ghana. A region notorious for its history of capturing and selling other Africans to European slave traders.

    Then having to be helped back to her feet.

  13. @ MC
    But a lot more than 30 years: like you I grew up treating black people as individuals, likewise continental Europeans and Indians – obviously it helped that the first “foreigners” I met were Poles who had fought for us in WWII; the only racialism I can remember from my childhood was anti-English racialism in Scotland, albeit there was some lingering anti-German sentiment.
    Fifty+ years ago a couple of my friends missed the six day war because they volunteered but paused to ask permission to leave college during term before boarding an aircraft; among Trevor’s fairly close friends was Tariq whom I discovered much later (he never mentioned it) was the son of Pakistan’s High Commissioner. Can you imagine the latter today?

  14. @ John
    It’s the “big” which was the problem, not the multi-cultural. Forty years ago I lived in the City of London which has the highest percentage, at 37%, of resident born outside the UK of any local government entity in Greater London. It doesn’t (AFAIK, it certainly didn’t then) have the associated problems: in fact it had a *lot* of community spirit.

    Eventually the poorer towns decided they had had enough of the Islington and Westminster media-dominated diktat. Is that causing instability? For those trapped in tower blocks being asked to pay to replace the cladding demanded by Green activists should be the last straw.

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