Well, yes Mr. Lammy

There are real examples of leadership on race that the government can look to. The prime minister would do well to learn from Roy Jenkins, who in 1976 introduced the Race Relations Act. Or perhaps he could take inspiration from another Johnson, Lyndon B – who, after forming a relationship with Martin Luther King, signed the 1964 act that dismantled official segregation, the 1965 act that prohibited racist voting laws, and the 1968 act that outlawed discrimination in the housing market. This is what leadership looks like.

Very cool. And we’ve already done all of that, haven’t we?

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  1. Can’t say I know much about the laws and their effects. But abolishing something is usually the way to go.

    I do like the statement that LBJ had a relationship with Martin Luther King. Must admit I thought King preferred women.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    But how can they be race leaders if all the good stuff has been done? Like governments they need to manufacture a series hobgoblins to keep the populace alarmed:

    Attitudes to diversity:

    To be truly British you have to be white 2020 (2006)

    Strongly disagree 93% (55%)
    Tend to disagree 55% (27%)

    Strongly/Tend to agree 3% (10%)

    I would be happy for my child to marry someone from another ethnic group 2020 (2008)

    Strongly agree 70% (41%)
    Tend to agree 19% (34%)

    Strongly/tend to disagree 4% (15%)

    (Matthew Goodwin on Twitter)

    We’re now in to the artefacts of survey design and small number wobble to identify how many racists are among us. There’s no doubt they exist and like the poor always will, but if the likes of Lammy don’t acknowledge how far we’ve moved they’ll undo a lot of the work that real community leaders have achieved.

  3. allthegoodnamesaretaken

    “they’ll undo a lot of the work that real community leaders have achieved.”

    It’s interesting how the real leaders don’t call themselves ‘community leaders’ and those who do call themselves that are so often tedious, rent-a-gob activists.

  4. BiND:“…if the likes of Lammy don’t acknowledge how far we’ve moved…”

    That’s the crux of their tantrum over Mirza’s appointment. She acknowledges it. That’s why they are all up in arms. She rubs their noses in it.

  5. I wonder if there has ever been a society less racist than England today. Canada? Sweden? Some issues with the native Americans and the Sami. Monaco? Only if you’ve got the money. All other suggestions welcome.

  6. @Philip
    I doubt there has ever been a country less racist than England at the same time in history.
    That is why the epithet “racist” carries such weight. Precisely because racism is rare and universally condemned. I suspect that calling someone racist in the old south, or certain other regions, would have induced no guilt or shame.
    Just about any cause espoused by the left is already won. Women’s rights? They’ve had the vote 90 years. Race discrimination in housing- not in my lifetime. Gay rights? Came in before Thatcher, and with her support. They rail endlessly against the Nazis and Fascists who effectively don’t exist. It’s easy fighting won battles, but not constructive.

  7. The problem for David Lammy is that if we make too much progress, then what will he talk about?
    A Doctor who cures a patient knows that they will get ill again, however David Lammy knows, no racism and he will have no purpose.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s interesting how the real leaders don’t call themselves ‘community leaders’ and those who do call themselves that are so often tedious, rent-a-gob activists.

    Agreed. I didn’t like using the phrase but couldn’t think of anything else as I was just about to leave. Silent majority doesn’t work either but it really is most people going about their daily lives and they barely give it a second thought.

  9. Philip:

    My guess is that there is now a great deal of racism in both Sweden and Canada, and that it had been imported in recent years.

  10. ‘And we’ve already done all of that, haven’t we?’

    Exactly. Yet we get the rhetoric of the 60s, as if nothing has changed.

    Why should we do anything else when there is no gratitude for what we’ve done?

    Lammy calls for surrender. “LBJ surrendered, why don’t you?”

    Lammy proclaims black underachievement, missing the irony that their underachievement is grounds for discrimination. He says, “We are inferior, therefore, we must be treated the same.” Or better.

  11. Disgraced ex-Labour MP Fiona Onasanya slams Kellogg’s for using a monkey as the mascot for ‘brown’ Coco Pops but ‘three white boys’ on Rice Krispies
    Fiona Onasanya has contacted Kellogg’s regarding the Coco Pops mascot
    She asked why the chocolate-flavoured cereal is represented by a monkey
    Ms Onasanya said sister cereal Rice Krispies has ‘three white boys’ as mascot

  12. Markist scum Lammy belongs to a death cult with 150 million murders on the score . A cult moreover also best pals with the RoP –which endorses slavery , whose founder was slave raider/taker/master/trader. Which cult took 100 million+ black slaves out of Africa, castrating 80% of the males and is still selling blacks at the slave blocks in Libya today.

  13. Lammy’s rage I suspect comes from the disparity between his self image as a valiant crusader against wrong, with the laughable figure he actually is.

    He had better hope that people keep on laughing and seeing him as David Lammy Dada, VC, conqueror of the British Empire.

  14. I predict there’s going to shock and knicker-wetting when the statistics of the 2021 census comes out.

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