Well, yes, sorta

In response to the row, Rowling published an essay in which she spoke of her first marriage to Jorge Arantes, a Portuguese journalist.

He isHe is now a journalist. Back then he was a waiter.

I never met him but knew people who had as we lived in that same area a little after they’d – separately – moved on. Several who knew her too.

Odd how connections work really – JK has been supportive of Maya Forstater, who I did some work with on technical issues over Zambian copper exports. Nothing important here of course, just a small world thing.

19 thoughts on “Well, yes, sorta”

  1. It seems that nowadays, the only way to win an argument is pro hominem.

    Even Priti Patel was at it, the other day.

  2. Claiming victimhood is the wrong approach. Because to her detractors, it doesn’t matter. They aren’t arguing from a position of reason.

  3. Maritime Barbarian

    I don’t know anything about her first marriage. But I heard she left the house with a bag of clothes and a bag of Harry Potter manuscripts.
    I just wonder if it would have been different if he’d known he’d said goodbye to half a billion quid.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    Hallowed Be / m’Lud

    A decent chap would know that pro is followed by the ablative and not the accusative case: pro homine!

  5. The Pedant-General

    But she is doing the – totally and completely – correct thing: never back down or apologise to a twitter mob. Never ever do it. It won’t solve the problem – in fact it’s an admission of guilt to an “offence” so you now required to be punished – and you will have sold a bit – possibly not a small bit either – of your soul.

  6. The Meissen Bison

    @Hallowed Be

    That’s the spirit: #declensionrebellion


    I infer that you are unfamilar with the construction pro bono – just so: a fellow must eat, after all.

    For a retarded leave-voter like me Prosciutto is the Italian gun lobby.

  7. If you want an insight into the madness of the trans crowd – I mean genuine madness, lunacy – read the responses to JK Rowling on Twitter. Genuinely chilling.

    About 95% of our cultural and political establishment are backing these people. Even more chilling.

  8. @ Mr Womby and the P-G.

    Indeed. She has come to realise that the beast is never sated, that anyone and everyone can be consumed by it. You can never appease it. The best approach is never to try. To stand your ground and never, never apologise. She may be late to the party, but one sinner who repenteth and all that…

  9. @The Pedant-General, LR
    Spot on

    My belief, yours may differ, live with it

    What’s your favourite Revel? No, I don’t agree, malteaser is offensive to many, ban it

  10. She’s playing the victim card, domestic and sexual abuse to get out of it I see.
    Case in Canada already ruled that a woman who was in a refuge and complained they didn’t feel safe sharing a room with a pre-op trans (biologically male) was transphobic.
    A lot of the women’s refuges have finally woken up to what this means and are suddenly very uncomfortable about trans and safe space issues

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