Where’s my cheque then?

British elite ‘being groomed by China’

Presumably this means I’m not classified as part of the elite. But, given that they’re talking about a group that Heseltine belongs to neither are they talking about the elite.

Man had to buy his own furniture for goodness sake.

Still, presumably he who shall not be named here will soon be singing the praises of rule by Pooh. He’s not failed to chase any other grant after all.

17 thoughts on “Where’s my cheque then?”

  1. I should think shite would be a cheap purchase anywhere in the world.

    Nor is this a new development. That CSMF SOS Heath was on their payroll before the Tianamen gunsmoke had cleared. Let us hope that Satan is giving the scum a boat race he deserves.

  2. They aren’t the elite, though. These sort of people are just grifters. They promise entry to a network of business people, then you find, it’s full of other grifters looking for business people.

    I mean, what use is Heseltine today?

  3. Theresa has apparently trousered a million squid in speaking engagements. According to gaurdian according to register of members interests. I would have thought she would have been in the Zammo league. Surely there is something odd going on there.

  4. Ex BP chief Lord Browne is the key , he knows how to contact all the other old pooves in The Establishment.

  5. Trteason May gives both dull and stupid a bad name.

    Were I PM I would have made clear to the cow that one of the conditions to her being allowed to expire quietly with Hedgefund Hubby rather than going to jail for treason would have been –as well as resigning her seat and refusing her pension–NOT to earn a penny via public speaking.

    The kind of moron who would pay to hear that cow speak must exist in some kind of swine-filled subterranean Hell. Even hiring that foul baboon Bottler Brown would give you the chance to jeer and heckle the scum. But Treason would be like watching a pool of grey ill-smelling paint gradually leech out until every surface in the room is covered in a thin solution of battleship grey shite. Made in the EU shite at that.

  6. The British business and political elite will cheerfully sell themselves and the nation to anyone who rocks up with a few quid. China, the Saudis, Russians or the EU, as long as they get a few quid and to maintain their status over the plebs….

    Last year I met a chap who is involved in the 48 Club. Very slick, rich family. What struck me most about the organisation is that it has been promoting trade with China pretty much since the commies seized power. If the slaughter and starvation of 50-70m Chinese didn’t bother them, selling out British interests today won’t move the needle.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Britain grooms China’s future elite. We give them places at Oxford. Well, you know, it might work. Stranger things and all that. Even if it didn’t for pretty much every Third World dictator.

    Or it might have. I can imagine only too well what they think of BLM and Rhodes must fall. Much less the Tranny nutters.

    Prince Norodom Sihanouck said that all the students he sent to France came back as Communists, all those he sent to Moscow came back as Royalists. I bet we are now Moscow for the Chinese in the sense the more they see of us, they more they love their leader.

  8. Can one simultaneously be in the pocket of China, the EU, the CIA, and Israel? Oh, the Pope, let’s not forget the Pope. And the Masons. Who else? I know, Saudi.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme June 30, 2020 at 11:00 am – “Can one simultaneously be in the pocket of China, the EU, the CIA, and Israel? Oh, the Pope, let’s not forget the Pope. And the Masons. Who else? I know, Saudi.”

    Well I expect the Pope can’t afford him but Henry Kissinger seems to be in the pay of almost all of those. China bought him years ago. I expect he would shill for Israel for free. He lobbies for the Saudis. And he supports the EU.

    The Uber-Davos Man

  10. @ boganboy
    One does wonder whether the Chinese can out-spend the Middle Easterners.

    That’s not necessarily how the Chinese work, blackmail is cheaper. As a case in point,there is a Hong Kong lawyer/so-called politician who was a stalwart of the pro-democracy camp. Now he is a mere shill for Beijing. Rumour has it that Them Up North have discovered something very unsavoury in his private life…

  11. Addolff: Surprised by that. It’s not as if it’s hard to check gold by density, especially against gilded copper. Measure the volume in a calibrated container of water. Weigh it, and if the ratio of kg/litres is not near 19.3 then it ain’t gold.

  12. Dearime,

    Don’t forget the Rosicrucians, the Illuminated Seers of Bavaria, the Grey Aliens, the Lizard People, and the Zygorthian Death Commandos from Planet Zort in the Black Nebula (calling card… “Are human beings light or dark meat? We want to know what wines to serve when we eat you…”)

    I don’t doubt that some people are in the pay of, or under the thumb of, outside influences, but it’s such a tired cry that $OPPONENT is “a puppet for $PANTOMIME VILLAIN” that you lose interest. (Which is, of course, a handy way of devaluing the cases where someone really is shilling for any or all of the MICE – Money, Influence, Corruption, Ego – reasons)

    Personally, like Tim, I’m still plaintively hoping for the foreign money, or for Svetlana and Mei to drop by and honey-trap me… separately or together, ladies, I don’t mind…

  13. it’s such a tired cry that $OPPONENT is “a puppet for $PANTOMIME VILLAIN” that you lose interest.

    China is hardly a pantomime villain. It is a hostile power, run by the most murderous organisation in human history.

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