Woodrow Wilson, eh?

So Princeton is getting rid of his name from buildings ‘n’ stuff because of his racist views.

Hmm, well. That’s rather a cat out of the bag, isn’t it? “Racist views” would include near all of the Democratic Party pre- about 1950, wouldn’t it?

20 thoughts on “Woodrow Wilson, eh?”

  1. Pointless to say such stuff Tim to members of the death cult who despise objective truth and practice doublethink daily.

    The message must merely be the label on coercion of whatever degree is required to physically break and destroy the cult.

    That is the only message that will get through to them.

  2. The Other Bloke in Italy

    I have read that when LBJ got the “Great Society” under way, he remarked “I will have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years” .

  3. Senile Joe Biden clearly agrees with LBJ.

    The hypocrisy may be breath-taking but the efficiency with which the rules (along with that inconsequential subject – history) are re-written as necessary is impressive.

  4. Strom Thurmond was still in office in 2003 and he was a right old bigot. He was also a great friend of Joe Biden, whose early congressional record could be interpreted as (at best) segregationist.

    But nobody cares what a senile old Democrat said nearly 50 years ago, can they?


  5. My whinge about Woodrow is the way he suckered Britain into the League of Nations and then the US didn’t ratify the treaty.

    This meant that, instead of only going to war over Belgium as in WW1, the Brits quarrelled with their WW1 allies Italy and Japan and then declared war on Germany over Poland. Which could only have worked if they’d been allied with Russia. But of course the Russians wanted much more of Poland than Hitler did.

    Though one could argue that setting things up so France was conquered and Britain hanging on by the skin of its teeth when the US was dragged into the mess was a disaster for the US as well.

  6. BoganBoy- France falling in months and withdrawing was one of the better possible outcomes for the Brits in hindsight. No meat grinder like ww1.
    I mean ok conceivably and even better would be invading (and defeating) Germany immediately they stepped inside poland. I believe the French actually did it briefly in Saars but didn’t follow up. It could (very big could i concede) have worked, since not many German western front divisions and the Russians may never have committed Stalin much preferring the captialists to duke it out and then clear up afterwards. Conceivable if things were going badly in the west for the Germans they may have been tempted to take the whole of poland.

  7. So, given that Washington (and Jefferson) were slave owners, are the going to re-name their capital and blow up Mount Rushmore…?

  8. “given that Washington (and Jefferson) were slave owners”

    This has been true for centuries. Nothing has changed. Except the Left seeing the opportunity for disruption by backing the rabble.

  9. I knew J Strom. His office was in my home town. His wife’s parents and my parents were friends.

    He seemed like a good guy. I was just a kid and he was an old man, so I really didn’t know much about him.

    His wife struggled with alcoholism. The irony being that the directions to her house were, “Go down Whiskey Road, turn left on Brandy, and it’s at the corner of Sherry.”

  10. are the going to re-name their capital and blow up Mount Rushmore…?

    There’s a survey floating around showing that ‘liberal’ and ‘very liberal’ Americans are very much in favour of such measures, along with replacing the national anthem and many other acts of cultural desecration.

  11. So Eli Yale (that old slave trader) , is going to have his institution renamed the “University of New Haven Connecticut”?

  12. Had to google Strom Thurmond. Married a 22 year old former beauty queen when he was 66 and then fathered 4 children. Also set the record for a lone filibuster. The old boy clearly had a lot of stamina.

  13. The US not ratifying Versailles and not joining the League of Nations was more due to Woodrow Wilson having a stroke – suspected to have been excacerbated by the 1918 Flu.

    I take it that Wilsonian self-determination of nations is now racist. We must reconstitute the Austo-Hungarian and Ottoman empires, and re-annex The Philipines.

  14. My oldest brother graduated Aiken High School in 1961. Nancy Moore in 1964. Gamecock 1967.

    Family story: At some function, my parents were introduced to Strom and Nancy. Nancy says, “Oh, we know their children!”

    One of whom was older than her.

    “The old boy clearly had a lot of stamina.”

    Yes, he was reputed to do a hundred pushups a day when he was in his 80s. He is my hero, as far as fitness in old age.

  15. pre- about 1950, wouldn’t it?

    Oooooooohohohohoho. Pre-1950.

    Let’s not forget about the opposition (including a 54 day filibuster) to the Civil Rights Act by the Democrats in office in 1964. And Robert Byrd – guy *created* a chapter of the KKK. Then there’s all the stuff they’ve done since that has effectively destroyed minority communities in the US. Hillary Clinton’s ‘super-predators’ comment.

    The Democrats have been the party of racism all they way up to about mid-2020.

  16. Nautical Nick
    June 28, 2020 at 9:54 am

    So, given that Washington (and Jefferson) were slave owners, are the going to re-name their capital and blow up Mount Rushmore…?

    There are already people bitching about wanting to do exactly that. They’ve torn down a statue of Ulysses Grant.

  17. Given that there will be a non-white (ie mestizos + blacks) majority in the US by 2065 (and probably much earlier), perhaps segregation wasn’t such a bad idea.

  18. Someone wrote to the Times about the racist views held by Mary Seacole, the point being that you can’t judge people by modern standards, they said if he was relying on her autobiography it was ‘known to be questionable’
    To which he pointed out it was accepted as legitimate by the British Library and contained a preface written by the Times own Crimean war correspondent at the time.
    This one-sided push to rewrite history isn’t going to end well

  19. ‘So Princeton is getting rid of his name from buildings ‘n’ stuff because of his racist views.’

    Not really. The objective is to obliterate history. ‘Racist views’ is just twattle to get people to accept it. This is more mob freak show. Tolerated by the people who are supposed to stop it.

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