Would be interesting if true, eh?

Researchers in Barcelona say they have detected the presence of Covid-19 in a waste water sample collected in the Spanish city in March 2019, nine months before the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, was first reported….

Most likely a contaminated sample but if not, well, changes a few things, no?

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  1. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Yes, this particular sample may be contaminated, but Italian wastewater samples are showing the virus present in late 2019.

    I have read that the bug can be seen in patient X-Rays from that time.

    Too early to be sure, but some are beginning to suspect sabotage, and not by the Chinese.

  2. Sabotage?

    We have a shite-useless PM who has given himself the most power ever but just keeps playing King of the Virus Frontier while Marxism has fealty sworn to it by the Scots Parliament–including the Bluescum Davidson.

    The fucking Welsh Assembly gives votes to 16 yr olds -ensuring Marxist tyranny there. At least the little bastards will live to regret their stupidity.

    The scum ZaNu Council of Amber Valley Derbyshire tries to force ALL Councillors to pledge their support for Marxism.

    Johnson is either hiding or is working somebody’s plan. I think the former but what–in practical terms–diff does it make?

    Unless the useless cunt takes a stand soon Momentum will indeed be the word.

  3. I’d go with Spanish incompetence. It’s one of the penalties of living here. Their fuck-it-up hit-rate for anything they attempt runs around 50%. I just got an invoice from my lawyers for a matter that they completely forgot to do. They forgot to not bill me for it. And I’m currently sorting out the shower in the second bathroom where it’s obvious it’s been fitted by someone hasn’t a clue how to install showers. First one was providing shower facilities to the flat below, Technically, I should call a plumber but what’s the point?

  4. The Other Bloke in Italy

    My dear Ecksy, that was a magnificent rant, and fully justified.

    What I was trying to say, perhaps not very clearly, is that there are grounds to suspect that the Lergy was deliberately spread, and not by the Chinese. Early on, I came across a piece of evidence to that effect, which is now in the hands of an Italian journalist. We shall see; not all are compromised.

    I do disagree that this is just a bad flu, though there is ample scope to debate the best response. There is also room to argue how to deal with the criminals. Presently, I favour flogging followed by hanging.

  5. Anyone remember the “second wave” the CCP found a couple of weeks ago.
    51 (approx) people in Beijing tested positive, all asymptomatic.
    Infection was traced to contamination by Norwegian salmon in a wholesale market.
    So not only does China have an unbelievably brilliant test and track system (not easy even in a dictatorship) but they have proof that the virus can jump species not only from mammal to mammal but from mammal to fish, and back again.

    What happened to that story?

  6. The problem is the lack of action from the top.

    In terms of publicity Marxist scum have blacked both of their own eyes.

    The Scottish MPs slagging white Scots (the VAST maj) as racists, the streets full of rioting scum while the rest of us are cursed for a beach trip, Jihadi kick-offs.

    Our foes are stirring up a lot of rage against themselves.

    But they do have push –the sight of businesses bending the knee and a push to grab institutions is a dangerous attack on morale.

    Blojob needs to shut down the Scots/Welsh Assemblies and any rogue Council. Just shut them down and say that none of them have any authority to institute or serve Marxism. Promise a purge–even if it is hot air at first. The main thing is to STOP the momentum of the left at levels above the street.

    All that would be left to the left then is the pavement crazies.

    I DON’T think a street shitbashing of the left is a good tactic at present–enjoyable as that would be. The lefts street antics are doing them no good and helping us up to a point. Give the scum no martyrs –esp while Johnson is pissing about with lockdowns. That should end.

    Long term the schools /Uni should be purged–well you know all of that. But the present nonsense has to be stemmed in the bud NOW. Before it goes anywhere worse.

  7. Also–tho’ not v libertarian–making it illegal for firms to fire anyone for any free speech –backed with v heavy penalties. I’m sure other anti-doxxing measures could be introduced quick enough.

    And hefty crim penalties for using bots to send “I’m boycotting yr products” emails to firms. It must be bots to get mass numbers. Legal to send boycott email yrself–illegal to automate it and send bogus thousands.

  8. @philip
    Also the Dutch Mink farm which had to kill all their Mink

    @Mr Ecks June 27, 2020 at 9:06 am

    Fat Women in Parliament – all whites are racist

    They lecture & punish us on ‘obesity crisis’, yet won’t set stop stuffing their faces

    “Police” Statement On Riots In Brixton – :wink

    “…looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again…”

  9. I’d lay a fair amount of dosh on “They Done Fucked Up” on the tests…

    I love the undiluted tinfoil hattery in some of the comments here, but reality, especially when you even *think* how “waste water removal” works, tells you whatever they found is either a cock-up, or a false positive.

    Seriously.. Where is the source? And how massive must it have been to even be detectible after a dilution of anywhere between 1:10.000 and 1:100.000 when the input into the water treatment plants was sampled?
    There’s a lot of water and other shyte added between arse and treatment plant, y’know…
    If there’s been a presence of Wu Flu at that level in Europe before Februari, we would have noticed. Something-something old people keeling over suddenly in droves… Yet there’s *nothing*

    So get a grip and use that tinfoil for something useful instead of head adornment…

  10. Did anyone catch the analysis of Chinese hospital car parks, that shows a peak last August or something?
    Thought that was some pretty smart lateral thinking, though not sure what the results are worth.

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