You sorta reckon this might happen, yes

Asylum applications in Europe fell to the lowest level for over a decade in April as borders closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, European Union figures show,

The question then becomes well, how many asylum applications do you want and therefore what do you do to the borders?

12 thoughts on “You sorta reckon this might happen, yes”

  1. “Most applications during 2020 through April were by Syrians followed by Afghans, Venezuelans and Colombians, EASO data show.”
    WTF are Colombian’s fleeing? And there’s me considering flying to Cali to request asylum from everything European It’s certainly safer than London.

  2. “Most applications during 2020 through April were by people claiming to be Syrians followed by Afghans, Venezuelans and Colombians, EASO data show.”

    Fixed it for them!

  3. And that’s a funny thing, isn’t it. Despite Amerika being a Trumpian fascist police state where blacks are being gunned down by rogue cops on every street corner, you don’t get USians showing up in Europe to claim asylum. Wonder why?

  4. The problem, of course, is that most of these asylum seekers are proponents of the same evil creed which caused them to leave their own countries, namely Islam. They just won’t stop brutalising and killing each other, nor anyone else who disagrees with them.

    In the 1930s, Jews were allowed to come to Britain, albeit in pitifully small numbers, to escape murderous Nazi persecution. But today it’s as if the Nazis themselves were allowed to “flee” into the country by the hundreds of thousands.

    The Left claims to support women and gay rights, but it will soon be impossible to secure a conviction for wife-beating and gay-bashing, and even for their murders, in many inner-city areas, and it will all be the Left’s fault.

  5. Obviously Europe needs to make even more fuss about coronavirus. After all, you haven’t got them down to zero yet.

  6. ” you don’t get USians showing up in Europe to claim asylum. ”

    Not really, given that US-ians can easily immigrate into any european country using the bog-standard and rather boring procedures in place… And there’s a certain amount that do each year.

    From what I know of the Netherlands we do get the rare oddball who tries to claim asylum at Schiphol, but they quickly find out the sense of humor and patience of our Douaniers is rather absent in those cases.

  7. @ Boganboy
    Rather, more fuss over the lockdown and 25% unemployed (on “Furlough”). Then we’ll only get genuine refugees fleeing from something not racing *to* relative riches.

  8. The UK is such a loathsome hateful rascist place, yet there are record numbers of people braving paddling across The Channel fighting their way *into* the country. I feel like I’m living in East Germany, and the people dodging the machine guns are trying to get *in*.

  9. @jgh

    +1 All ports closed/quarantined in UK for legal travel

    Illegal immigrants? All welcome, Priti Patel’s Border Farce will send a boat to collect you

  10. «how many asylum applications do you want»

    Actually the UK has been for decades a signatory to a treaty that commits every signatory to accept *all* verified asylum seekers, without any quotas. However the same treaty says that asylum seekers to benefit from it *must* apply for asylum in the first country they can, and that is almost never the UK. So an asylum seeker who travels overland from Syria cannot apply in the UK, they must apply first in Turkey or Cyprus or Greece etc.

    However all those that are trying to come to the UK from France do so because shady UK businesses are much more skilled at hiring “illegal” immigrants than the french businesses are, and the UK government is very keen to push down wage inflation so enforcement is not particularly well funded.

  11. John77: You’re a nicer bloke than me. I believe that immigration should be judged solely by its utility to the receiving country.

    For example, one point should be the ease of assimilation. This obviously cuts out all those who look different. I think this is called racial profiling.

    This would also apply to those whose culture prevents them being assimilated by the locals. Clearly this eliminates all RoPers. Oddly enough this is also called racial rather than religious or cultural profiling.

    Needless to say a propensity to looting, shooting, stabbing, raping, robbing etc is also a no no. This is ALSO called racial profiling.

    Another important point is whether the newcomers hate the locals. This can be checked by their previous statements, and by the general attitudes prevalent in their country of origin. I suppose this is racial profiling too.

    Doesn’t look as though anyone would reach my standards, does it.

    But I see I’ve forgotten one really important point. The UK is, by Aussie standards, very densely populated. So do you need any more people at all? I’ll leave that one up to you Brits.

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