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Twisted Stats From The Guardian, Again

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  1. “This is indeed true and it shows that the problem is with the police…”

    Not sure why you dropped that in there. It is irrelevant to the issue of Guardian stat twisting – and it isn’t true. The fact that both black and white are killed by police does not “show” that the problem is with the police.

    Saying “the police top people with near impunity” is important enough to require a citation or at the very least a link. It’s possible that the police abuse qualified immunity to cosplay Magnum Force (and I expect some do) but it’s far more likely that nearly all of those killed by police make themselves a target by being a dangerous threat.

  2. Well yes. You’d also have to fold in the number of police get murdered or seriously wounded in the line of duty. Conspicuously absent from any Guardian article on BLM I’ve read. UK it’s so rare it usually gets front page in the nationals. US, somewhat more common.

  3. OT. I must say some of the ads over on the right hand side leave a lot to be desired

    “Spain: Why is everyone going crazy over this anti-mosquito device” WTF writes their copy? Indians?

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