A fairly shocking ignorance of human beings

You cannot talk somebody into being trans any more than you can talk them into being gay.

It’s possible to talk most people into many things and some people into anything.

They managed to talk hundreds of thousands into manning the gas ovens. You think a few confused teenagers can’t be talked into something?

And then, years later, it may involve transition, a process with an exceptionally high success rate and a very low regret rate.

Citation required.

As the journalist Katelyn Burns put it, JK Rowling’s message to trans teens is simple.

Your body. My choice.

Well, yes. You’ve heard of this thing called the age of consent? That’s what that is isn’t it?

Anyway, the problem over conversion therapy isn’t as is being described. Sure, just as with the wilder excesses of exorcism, there are nutters out there doing it. But the claim is to ban all types and forms of conversion therapy. Including the folks asking “You really sure about this?” etc.

13 thoughts on “A fairly shocking ignorance of human beings”

  1. If their was no mileage for the scum of the left trans would still be an obscure group of weirdos.

    The left want their subjectivist shite written into law so they can undermine opponents of their endless and contradictory lies. So long as trannies serve that goal the left will fawn.

    If they get it they will be dropped just as women/homos have been now they are no longer much use to marxscum.

  2. ” You cannot talk somebody into being trans any more than you can talk them into being gay.”

    Commies did quite well talking kids into believing that their parents were enemies of the people and that they should snitch on them to the NKVD/ Red Guards.

    ” Your body. My choice.”

    That’s pretty much what we say to children, yes.

  3. Hairy mentalist in a dress demonstrates total ignorance of normal human behaviour. Sport starts p31.

    a process with an exceptionally high success rate and a very low regret rate
    Also, trannies kill themselves at a remarkable rate thanks to you, bigot!

    Plus, what Ecksy says.

  4. Asked you this, before, Tim. Why do you persist in putting posts concerning this scumbag in the category “femininism”? It’s a geezer-in-a-frock. There’s nothing remotely female about him. There isn’t even anything particularly feminine about the subject matter. Unless you’re basing it on the Rowling bint being a femininist. Which is like classifying any opinion on anything by BiND as “sailing”.
    This is how we’ve ended up in the mess we’re in. Once you accept these nutcases (and I’d class feminists as a species of nutter) on their own definition, you’re sunk. All people are entitled to opinions. As individuals. And that’s how they should be seen. As individuals. Go along with their self identification & pretentions of “speaking on behalf of”, you’ve half way agreed with them.

  5. You can’t talk anyone into being hungry or thirsty because this is a matter of internal chemistry and an involuntary, but you can talk them into eating. Try it. Have a big meal, put your knife and fork down, and get someone to talk you into being hungry.

    You cannot talk anyone into being homosexual or heterosexual because this is a matter of internal chemistry and involuntary, but you can talk them into sex – payment can help.

    You can mislead someone over their emotions and its meanings and what to do, the younger the more easily and/or where mental disorder exists.

  6. Seems the last cases of people with xenomelia having parts amputated by the NHS was in the 1990s (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/625680.stm). They decided not to do them anymore. Comment from the article:

    Falkirk West MP Dennis Canavan said he found it “incredible” that a surgeon would amputate a healthy limb.

    “I would have thought that the General Medical Council would have an ethical code forbidding such a practice,” he said.

    But cutting off a penis is fine apparently now.

  7. Conversion therapy is the attempt to force people to change their sexual orientation or gender identity. It is almost always done against the person’s will

    Dunno, sounds like bullshit to me. So according to Carrie, according to the Trevor project:

    According to studies by the UCLA Williams Institute, more than 700,000 LGBTQ people have been subjected to the horrors of conversion therapy, and an estimated 80,000 LGBTQ youth will experience this unprofessional conduct in coming years

    It’s a mistake to assume American numbers translate to Britain (and the Trevors may be engaged in queering the stats – “have been”, “in coming years”, “LGBTQ youth” are all vague) but if they do then according to Carrie’s source ~90% of converters are grown ups.

    So who exactly is “forcing” adult Americans to try and stop being gay?

    Unless you’re a Jehovah’s Witness, a Plymouth Brethren, a Scientologist, or otherwise live in what the media will one day ominously describe as a “compound”, the chances that your pastor/priest/David Koresh will have actual powers of compulsion over you are somewhere between slim and fuck all.

    So where are all the lawsuits, criminal investigations, and Lifetime movies of the week about more than half a million adult Yanks being forced to stop growing handlebar moustaches and bin their Pet Shop Boys CD collection?

    Carrie then tries some logical Jujitsu:

    But what anti-trans bigots claim is that the real conversion therapy is when parents are not putting trans kids through conversion therapy.

    So you see, bigots, injecting your son with synthetic hormones to destroy his testicles before he reaches manhood is A-OK, but trying to talk him out of his gender delusions makes you a torturer, or something.

    Conversion therapy does not work.

    I dunno enough about it to validate this claim, but if it doesn’t work, why are LGBTQIAWTFers so perennially bumhurt about it existing? Lots of things don’t work, but I’ve rarely seen anybody get worked up about reiki or voting Lib Dem.

    The answer is it bruises their amour propre, and because “tolerance” was always a lie. Mandatory celebration is the goal.

    When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.

  8. Serious question. How does a liberal viewpoint square “no you can’t bind my daughter’s breasts” with “yes you can eat/drink/drug yourself to death”? Is the only relevant factor the age of the individual? Should we revisit whether 16/18/21 is the correct age?

  9. Islam has convinced 800,000,000 women that wearing a sack, etc., is good for them.

    Freedom is slavery stuff.

  10. a process with an exceptionally high success rate and a very low regret rate.

    Shakes head in wonder

  11. But the claim is to ban all types and forms of conversion therapy. Including the folks asking “You really sure about this?” etc

    It’s worse than that as mantra is now encourage, promote and remove any doubts

    If life is so sh1t for women, why do Left want lots of men to be women?

    +1 Timmy’s infatuation with Ritchie and ‘Carrie’ is worrying and tedious


    What was your ‘counselling’ experience?

  12. If it’s any help, there is a council area called Scottish Borders, but none called boundary…

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