Ah, so that’s the method

Snippa is, of course, unpaid by Fair Tax Mark.

I was asked by the Fair Tax Mark to look at this issue and draft a response for then, which has now gone in.


8 thoughts on “Ah, so that’s the method”

  1. I hoped the Fair Tax Mark scattered the appropriate amount of rose petals in advance of His Spudliness…

  2. Sam Jones

    I’m guessing given how many people have signed up for it it’s not a king’s ransom. didn’t I read in one of the cretin’s posts that apparently he had procured someone willing to pay for him to conduct ‘research’ – No real desire to search through the reams of drivel to find the relevant post but it does go to prove the maxim ‘A fool and his money are soon parted’ – my guess is its either an ‘academic body’ or some taxpayer funded sock puppet. No serious institution would want to fund him.

  3. The author of the Guardian article self-references as a mother but the first name is the masculine spelling. Why not use the feminine version ‘Lesley’? But then my cis-normative masculinity may be corrupting my thinking.

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