Ahahahaha – laughing like a drain

TJN and all the rest will be very pissed off at this.


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  1. Ah, he has already shown his true tyrannical colours

    But the EU has not given up. As the FT noted a few days ago, it is now planning to use a Treaty route (article 116 for the geeks) to overcome the objections of small member states (like Ireland) to the imposition of tax reforms necessary to create a level playing field in the internal market. The critical point is that this does not require unanimous support: qualified majorities will be enough.

    You can almost feel the jackboots trampling over Ireland

  2. They could always leave the EU. I have wondered for a while whether the UK exit will have little effect on the EU as a whole or whether it will start a domino effect and bring the whole rotten edifice crashing down.

  3. stoneyground. When (as) the UK has left the EU, and adopts free trade etc, Eire has no reason not to do the same save its historical antipathy to the UK. A UK + Eire tariff free free trade area makes more sense than Eire staying in the EU. The Irish know this.

  4. I knew you would be peeing yourself….

    Trying to work out the best way to upset all my EU-supporting socialist friends in a Whatsapp; framing is all important to cause the greatest suffering…

  5. Calm down, its just the usual legal closed shop making extremely well paid work for its members. Always a good idea to have at least one tier of the legal system chuck in an opposite decision, keeps both parties keen to proceed further, and keep the cash rolling in.

    Surrey mansions, Bentleys, private school fees and holiday villas in Barbados all round!

  6. Who gets to settle the level of the “level playing field”? Does everyone have to level up to Germany or do they level down to Bulgaria or Slovakia?

  7. From another TRUK thread but fuck it.

    The much tongued Pilgrim Social Return (despite this obviously not being his real name and Dicktater outlawing monikers for all those that disagree with him)…

    “I wrote to the Guardian during my lunch break today thanking them for their editorial but asking them to do much more as a progressive paper to at least support a debate.”

    Richard Murphy says:
    July 15 2020 at 7:21 pm
    I sent in a letter but have heard nothing

  8. Ahahahaha – laughing Again like a drain

    This received little or no coverage by BBC, C4, MSM

    Gina Miller loses discrimination complaint over ‘monkeys’ line in Rod Liddle Sunday Times column

    Finally, common sense prevails against Woke Offenderati mob

  9. News

    Dr Julian Lewis MP has whip withdrawn
    – “Conservative MP Julian Lewis has been kicked out of the Conservative parliamentary party after beating Chris Grayling to become chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee.

    – Believed to be No 10’s preferred choice, Mr Grayling was widely expected to get the role.”

    Following this week’s massive U-turn on Huawei and Face Nappies this is making Boris look like a clown. Grayling has a track record of being wrong, and should never have been considered for the Chair of the Intelligence and Security committee

    Ref 2:

  10. Up until now I had never seen a picture of Gina Miller and had no idea that she was black. Since non of the other ‘monkeys’ listed were black it would have only needed a second’s thought to realise that she had no case.

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