All rather recycled Militant Tendency stuff

Sounds like it at least:

A socialist Seattle City Council member who has aligned herself with the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone is blaming the “brutality” and “violence” associated with capitalism that led to a deadly shooting there Monday.

“Deepest condolences from Socialist Alternative and my Council office to the family and friends and fellow activists of the community member who was tragically killed in the drive-by shooting at the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP),” Councilwoman Kshama Sawanttweeted Monday to her 72,000 followers.

“While we await details of this tragic killing, it highlights capitalism’s brutality & endemic violence,” she wrote. “Our movement rejects insinuations & falsehoods perpetuated by corporate & conservative media that this violence is outcome of CHOP or of our movement.

“We need to continue building a powerful movement to end gentrification, to fully fund public schools & decent jobs,” she added. “Capitalism *is* a police state. While we’ll have to fight to win reforms, we have to dismantle capitalism to win a violence-free society.”

The reason it sounds like lightly warmed over Trots is because that’s what it is. Pure nonsense, of course.

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  1. Finally they call an end to Chop when the baying mob threaten to occupy the mayor’s multimillion residence.

    That’s after two shootings and multiple other incidents in the largely peaceful Chop zone.

  2. The interesting thing about the Corbynite tendency is how they are actually Stalinists, not Trots. I expect their US equivalents are much the same.

    As @Wtf says, the CHAZ/CHOP were all cool with the local establishment when they thought they were going to increase their political power. Once they were political opponents, they were suddenly persona non grata. It’s a clear demonstration of how the Democrats see Antifa and the like: their Brownshirts 🙁

  3. CHAZ/CHOP is the gift that keeps on giving. From running out of food in two days, to the hilarious “farm”, to militia violence, to cold blooded executions. It’s been a ride.

  4. Just look at all those non capitalist societies around the world. All with zero violence, fully funded public schools and plentiful decent jobs. They are the ones that we need to be emulating.

  5. Time for a USian neil kinnock to do some plagiarising “you start with far fetched resolutions (defund the police)…you end with the grotesque chaos the grotesque chaos of a democratic city, a democratic city permitting private security to shoot dead teenage joyriders…”

  6. The amusement is that Joe Biden’s first run at the Presidency was derailed by plagiarising a Neil Kinnock speech.

  7. War slavery child labour manufacture of weapons poisons, theft genocide lying trafficking ..and worse !

    .. all been profitable.

    I think we can a do a little better than that myself but you are welcome to your view

  8. Right at the bottom of the newspaper article:
    “Last weekend, after the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old man, Ms. Sawant speculated, without evidence, that it “may have been a right-wing attack.” She later admitted she was incorrect.”

  9. Tim- ha , well i imagine neil himself wouldn’t say no to giving a real presidential rally speech then.

  10. They want to stop gentrification (improving the communal environment) and at the same time increase schools funding (improving the communal environment).

    I’ve said before, US states’ constitutions are nicely flexible on this, you want to set up your own municipality – GO AHEAD, DO IT! And the secceded-from municipality should willingly let them go and withdraw their bin lorries, their hated schools system and dispised infrastructure maintainance.

  11. Sam: No, don’t neutralise them. Just fence them off. They want to be apart, let them be apart.

  12. “War slavery child labour manufacture of weapons poisons, theft genocide lying trafficking ..and worse ! ”

    We’re not interested in you boasting about your investment portfolio Fece– already know you’re middle class marxist EUowned scum–you outed yourself long ago.

  13. The whole thing has been a wonderful pantomime, up until the point those boys were shot.

    I struggle to understand what the local Dem politicians were doing, tolerating Antifa for so many years and then allowing them this ridiculous zone.

    It’s even more amazing that the mayor decided to change course right when they surrounded her house. Did she think no-one would notice?!

    Did she really believe all this ‘summer of love’ nonsense she was spouting? Or if it was all a cynical game, what on Earth was it supposed to achieve?

    I feel like there must be a whole dimension to their local politics I just don’t understand, but the media haven’t enlightened me one bit on that.

  14. She’s not wrong though. Drugs, gangs, crime. That’s capitalism operating in the raw. Just because it’s illegal doesn’t mean it doesn’t follow the same economics as everything else. A lot of violence is about protecting & extracting returns on investment.
    Her problem is she doesn’t understand this is the default setting. A “capitalist” society harnesses it & protects people from the worse outcomes. Whatever socialist society she thinks she could create is never going to get rid of it. The historical lesson is mostly it makes it worse.

  15. Sawanttweeted has lived in Gimmie Nation so long she thinks what she gets is hers by right.

    “Fully fund public schools” reveals that she doesn’t know that schools are over funded. And that this funding is just going to appear. Because she has a right to it.

    BLM et al are decadent.

  16. Hallowed Be, I saw a clip on FB of a US policeman who was rather bemused, as the police had been rung up to protect a demonstration in favour of defunding the police. I expect he need a new irony-meter.

  17. @jgh
    We tried separation in the 60’s. The communes tended not to last too long before reaching the same conclusion that the Pilgrims did: Socialism means starving in common.

    Unfortunately the lesson the took from this was that the only need to scale up to make it work. That is why they are so eager to scale the experience to the rest of us.

  18. Nautical – what’s a bit strange is that this hasn’t been spun or headed off by moderate voices. The things you need to do when there’s a germ of a thing that the public are thinking is not leave it to radicals to build their rickety superstructure all over. No-one could say the IRA weren’t a harder nut to crack than Seattle tourists. In the end if they say no peace with the RUC. You go ok then- you win that one. What shall we call it? – no the continuity republican police force causes problems with orange men bad. let’s go ol’ ronseal. agreed?

    now if you really are machievellian and you had some plans to merge a couple of precincts to save on donut costs then you could chuck that in as part of the deal. And hey presto this is what we’re doing to address the need for “something to be done”

  19. @ bis
    There’s not much capitalism in criminal gangs: they aren’t investing for the long-term, just grabbing stuff from those weaker to satisfy short-term greed. The personality traits that make a good capitalist are generally opposite to that which makes a gang member – the notorious “marshmallow test” illustrates this.

  20. it highlights capitalism’s brutality & endemic violence,”

    Oh, that makes sense. I mean, obviously when the murder rate of a place skyrockets while under the control of socialists/communists/anarchist then it must be capitalism’s fault.

    I mean I know capitalism is just a method to organize labor and capital but it stands to reason that once you appropriate all property into the ‘state’ ‘for the public good’ and its no longer capitalism that capitalism is at its most dangerous.

    Watch out for that capitalism – its a biter.

  21. Newmania
    July 2, 2020 at 7:34 am

    War slavery child labour manufacture of weapons poisons, theft genocide lying trafficking ..and worse !

    .. all been profitable.

    I think we can a do a little better than that myself but you are welcome to your view

    Nothing you’ve listed there is anything a communist state hasn’t done. In fact, that’s some of the *least horrible* stuff communist/socialist states have done. AND THEY STAYED POOR.

    At least when the free market states do that they get rich. Socialist states perpetuate horror across the world AND AREN’T EVEN SMART ENOUGH TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE MONEY DOING IT.

  22. john77. Sorry mate, you really do not know what you’re talking about. Go ask the Adams family.

  23. @Rupert
    McDonnell quietly withdrew his support for Wrong-Daily when she publicly ‘outed’ herself as a Stalinist. In Left world Stalinist desires must be concealed, but implemented as ‘progressive’

    CHAZ/CHOP? What’s really grates is the shot black teen’s father being given sympathy airtime everywhere. Yet accompanying photo of shows black teen in hoodie running away after committing theft/robbery in Socialist ‘utopia’ he chose to live in

    Sympathy: none from me for teen or grandstanding compo seeking father

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