Working mothers in particular are bearing the brunt. Centuries of structural social convention have ensured the tasks of childcare and homeschooling are more likely to fall on their shoulders,

The genetics of a sexually dimorphic, mammalian, species having nothing to do with it then?

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  1. Boo Hoo–as far as middle class leftist women go–is there anything we can do to make their lives deservedly worse?

  2. When my daughter was growing up I did more than my fair share of looking after her and teaching her stuff. Maybe these ladies just picked the wrong bloke.

  3. It never seems to dawn that if something remains a social convention for centuries then it has been useful for centuries.

  4. “When my daughter was growing up I did more than my fair share of looking after her and teaching her stuff. Maybe these ladies just picked the wrong bloke.”

    But as the report says:-

    “Mothers are doing two fewer hours of paid work each day than fathers, but two more hours of childcare and housework.”

    So, what’s the problem? Both parties are doing work (and childcare is mostly just sitting around drinking coffee).

  5. “…childcare is mostly just sitting around drinking coffee”

    Should earn you a couple of Brownie points.

  6. ‘Economic fallout from pandemic will hit women hardest’

    Okay. So what?

    “If the government is committed to getting the workforce up and running, then care and women must be at the centre of any economic recovery plan.”

    Nope. You’re a second class cause celeb. Losers. GREEN is the recovery of the day.

    Perhaps you can have a woke, women focused, green, tranny . . . recovery.

  7. Centuries?

    When Ugg was out on the Savannah hunting for food, I wonder who was doing the childcare and home schooling back at the cave?

  8. “Centuries of structural social convention…”
    It may be a social convention, but 1-1 in their own marriage it’s a private agreement.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m betting that in most cases when the woman is whinging he earns far more than her and she doesn’t really want to give up the lifestyle he funds.

  10. It’s almost as if earning shit money in a PR/HR/media whatevs job isn’t a worthwhile occupation for anyone, especially a mother with very obviously better things to do.

  11. Thinking while walking the dog:

    Blojob is –at the same time–

    1-About to have 7 (my est -4 in BlueLabs far too rosy est)million former paid furlough holiday makers go on the dole while he–
    2- Launches a near limitless funny money spree=big inflation in my book–a hammer blow to the £90 a week dole receipiants and ALL on fixed income/savers etc–
    3- Has now launched his anti-junk food campaign. Well JUNK food is CHEAP food. So are dolees–likely to be there for years with economy in the state it is–to buy organic out of their 90 quid?

    Or is actual starvation Blojob’s anti-obesity plan?

    All of the above is based on the fuckers not using winter flu to call 2nd Lockdowns or allowing local idiots to go on playing their selves. If that happens all bets are off –10 million on dole?

    I increasingly think Dr Vernon Coleman is right and this is Agenda 21 takeover shite.

    No one could be that stupid just as an accident of fate.

  12. Centuries of structural social convention . . .

    Only centuries? Hmm? I wonder what catastrophe befell all those egalitarian, matriarchal, societies that existed only a few centuries ago that the current paradigm was able to replace it.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    Thinking about it a bit, I wonder if any research has been done on the number of women who return to work full time after maternity leave for their first child? My rather limited experience of corporate life was that most said they’d come back full time (of course they did) and then demanded part time with flexible hours when the time came to return to work.

  14. @ Agammamon
    Blokes got fed up with being ritually sacrificed every time the harvest failed and the few that were left didn’t put up much of a fight when some fierce patriarchal tribe invaded.
    [In the patriarchies only the king got ritually sacrificed when the harvest failed and, coincidentally, the harvest failed less often when the boss’s life depended on it, rather than the life of a “mere male” so the risk/reward ratio seemed tolerable.]

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