An ever growing list

10 thoughts on “An ever growing list”

  1. Well done, Worstall.

    But can’t something be done about the gross inequality that women tend to get much more inherited wealth than men? It’s a scandal.

    Also the inequality that BAMEs on average contribute much less wealth and income to the economy than the Majority Ethnics: surely they should be told to pull their fingers out?

  2. When viewed on mobile, for me at least, the hyperlinks in the text are invisible which makes it look like the Swedish figures are missing. Highlighting the text reveals the link, but I think it’s worth getting your Web developer to look at this…

  3. Why are you so naïve Tim?

    It isn’t a case of “not understanding”. The scum are evil and know very well the evil they do.

  4. @ Mr Ecks
    Those understanding are the evil minority – the naive majority just do not understand. It takes hours to get through the explanation of the simplest things like the peak of wealth occurring at retirement date to those who have been exposed for years to “The Guardian”.

  5. yeah.. saw something about that float around on crapbook today…

    Funny how, as a cloggie, I seem to live in the most wealth-inequal nation in Europe… Must have missed something..

    It’s , of course, a crime to live in a country where things are balanced so that even the poorest can live comfortable lives (through subsidies, but that’s why Taxes..) and anybody ambitious/lucky enough can keep the fruits of their labour in large amounts.

  6. “the peak of wealth occurring at retirement”

    Given how long some ancients live nowadays (at least pre-Covid) I wonder how many retired people get richer via inheritance.

  7. Also, given how many people are childless, some retired folk presumably inherit from uncles, aunts, siblings, cousins, …

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