An interesting complaint

The body positivity movement has taken over social media and forced the diet industry to reinvent itself.

Its mainstream success has lead to more diversity in the beauty and fashion industries, but not all feel included.

Enam, Kayela, Lyza, Nyome and Vanessa are plus-sized models and active members of the online body positivity community, who say they have experienced exclusion and unequal pay.

They feel the movement fails to represent fat, black women. The BBC’s Lorna Acquah reports.

Depends how you define equal pay I suppose. They’re certainly going to be unequal if it’s calculated by the pound of model.

17 thoughts on “An interesting complaint”

  1. Fashion media that targets thin white women doesn’t target fat black women. Film at ten.

    When do I get to complain that Fishermen’s Monthly doesn’t cater for me, an electronics and coding nerd?

  2. Steve across the Pond

    There’s a commercial here for some brand of ice cream that features a fat plus-plus-plus-plus-sized lady shaking and gyrating her body. It’s a sight I’d rather not behold.

  3. “lead to more diversity in the beauty and fashion industries”

    Leading to fat ugly birds in TV fashion commercials.

  4. To be fair, the fashion advertising industry probably does need someone to demonstrate that brightly coloured animal prints or floral patterns distract people from the figure underneath it.
    I’m not sure that they need as many such models as there are available. So they should be driving each other out of the business, not ganging up.
    Do you reckon they are undercutting each other on the sly?

  5. So they are insisting that we find them attractive?

    sorry but there’s not that much beer in the world.

  6. Actually there are TV ads for plus sized clothing suppliers that feature lots of cute and slightly cuddly women that I really like. I’m really not attracted to the skinny ones, my general perception is that most men aren’t. Obviously few are attracted to extremely fat women but I think that is a different argument.

  7. Parading indulgence and vice as virtue is one of many disgusting and scummy features of Marxist evil.

    I suggest a reality tv show in which large numbers of corpulent marx fans are put on a Gulag diet–1500 cals ( but with more vits/minerals etc) while being obliged to do heavy manual labour with no chance of escape or extra rations .

    It would be amusing to see the advocates of socialist evil encounter the REAL results of socialist evil.

    An additional factor to increase watchability would be to allow the inmates to moan, groan and act out as their weight plunges . In a real Gulag this would have rapidly lead to the killing of unruly and mouthy inmates but will make for a much better spectacle as the ++sized go down to skeletons.

  8. There is a vast diff between a slender attractive woman with a well proportioned figure–and “skinny”.

    In a way it is good that those who like corpulent females are there. They absorb the overweight end of the spectrum and leave more well-proportioned women for everybody else.

  9. @ Stonyground / Ecks

    Yep, stick thin boy like models (heroin chic types) are not attractive to men generally (or not most heterosexual ones anyway). Attraction to healthy looking women are in-bred into us and they have a bit of meat on them (arse and tits). Not like the massive land whales that are complaining here – they are morbidly obese and as far from healthy as you can get.

    But all of this is irrelevant as it’s not men who are driving the fashion industry. Women are the one’s who clearly think that thin is better than fat. Probably because they can imagine that the real fatties have less self-image than themselves and so makes them feel better about eating the next box of cakes.

  10. Actually I agree with Ecks that women can be slim without being skinny. I also like the well toned athletic ones.

  11. Even land whales buy clothes.

    That being the case there is an appropriate market for the five fatties to work in. Quite why they believe they are of interest (other than of the cautionary type) to the 90%+ of normal sized women can be added to the list of great mysteries of our times

  12. There really is no end to self-inflicted problems of black people (in this case being easily mistaken for recently reintroduced bison) that can only be ‘solved’ with whitey’s cash.

  13. ‘The body positivity movement has taken over social media and forced the diet industry to reinvent itself for the 900th time.’


  14. ‘Its mainstream success has lead to more diversity in the beauty and fashion industries’

    The only definition I can think of for ‘diversity in the beauty industry’ is less beauty.

    “Diversity is less.” – GC

    ‘but not all feel included’

    Because they realize that social media doesn’t represent the world they actually live in.

    Body positive movement is an attempt to get you to believe nonsense.

  15. Ladies of dimension are excluded from so many things. Anorexic clubs, cat burglary, the military, long distance running, picnic chairs, group pictures in photo booths, bicycles, the Bolshoi Ballet, the make up counter at Harrods….

    Me too, mostly. Where do I sign for the compo?

  16. The body Fat/Obese positivity movement has been attacked by BBC’s “Womans Hour” doyen Jenny Murray, their days are numbered

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