And a big hellooo to the human immune system

Large numbers of the population may have natural immunity against coronavirus even if they have never been infected, scientists believe….

Err, yes, that’s how immune systems work. Variance within the population, the environment sorting through who is fit….

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  1. It’s a bit better than that. In a lot of cases it seems that Covid-19 was dealt with by the Rozzers (T-cells) without needing to call out the SWAT team (Antibodies). Hence the surprisingly low numbers of people responding to the antibody tests.

  2. Well, it is a coronavirus (not THE coronavirus, which you might be forgiven for thinking of you only relied on the MSM) and we’ve dealt with colds for millennia…

  3. My daughter caught it. Not surprising as she worked in ICU at the time. She had the symptoms – wheezy chest & splitting headache but got over it quickly. Her husband had a few minor symptoms. Now they’ve both been antibody tested. She is positive but he isn’t. That has pissed him off but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has the T cells though.

  4. The cruise ship that was quarantined acted as a petri dish. What they found was that around 26% became symptomatic. So although it can be nasty if you catch it, for the vast majority, it’s low risk. With a kill rate of less than 1% and natural immunity working precisely as it is supposed to work, the massive authoritarian over reaction is shown to be what it is – a knee-jerk reaction and power trip driven by a hysterical press. Heads need to roll.

  5. A lot of us think we had it, or more probably something like it, in December or January. The NHS wasn’t interested. It might have activated those T-cells.

  6. Unfortunately Longrider the only heads rolling will be economic ones–ie ours.

    Either this shite is a globo elite plan–and the New Normal East Germany bollocks suggests that strongly –or it is the biggest clot of failure/hysteria/stupidity /political egotism ever.

    And Jellyballs Johnson’s plan to print money and give to greenfreaks –while trying to grab our cars –and scummy Tory Kronys –are going to make things much,much worse.

  7. The WHO uses crawler bots to check internet chatter for emerging infections. Easy to do, even easy to geolocalise. (It’s FB’s business model.) It beggars belief that they did not pick up on Chinese chat in 2019. I think they knew even before Taiwan blew the whistle, but they have been even more deeply corrupted by the CCP than we thought.

  8. I do wonder about immune systems. While we supposed to be in “lockdown”, it was like Malaga rail station during the peak holiday season here. A lot of people I know were “locked down” in inadequate holiday apartments or with no accommodation. With no money & little chance of earning any. We were basically open house with people sleeping on sofas & doubling up in beds. It was like a film about the French Resistance at times. Furtive runs through deserted streets trying to avoid the police. I was running the best restaurant & bar in town. The only restaurant & bar open. I’ve been in intimate contact with a lot of people have been in intimate contact with a lot of people. And I’m headed into the care home demographic. By rights I should be pushing up the daisies by now. Except… Nada. Or there was a day back in February I felt a bit manky. Gone completely in a couple days. Maybe that was Coronalurgy.
    But I don’t seem to catch much anyway. A mild cold in 2 or 3 years. Can’t remember the last time I got flu. Never had serious infection. I can eat anything anywhere without consequences. The only problem I’ve had in that direction was a parasite, not a bug. Robust immune system? It certainly gets enough challenges. I’ve always lived like this.

  9. We, greatly daring, have invited a friend round for coffee in the garden. So it’s started raining. Normal is back!

  10. “It’s a bit better than that. In a lot of cases it seems that Covid-19 was dealt with by the Rozzers (T-cells) without needing to call out the SWAT team (Antibodies). Hence the surprisingly low numbers of people responding to the antibody tests.”

    Good comment NRD, but for my own understanding should that not be the other way round?

    The antibodies effectively disable the virus by rendering it ineffective (one way being by neutralising the spikes it uses to attach itself) but the T cells sort of rip apart cells infected by the virus? So the T cells are the big fvck off psycho- killers?

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    So does that mean Black people aren’t particularly fit living in the UK?

    This has been a gross over-reaction by our “elites” who turn out to be easily frightened children

  12. I don’t think the elites are frightened like children, as in ‘goblins under the bed’ style anxiety. What they are really afraid of is public anger at mis-steps, egged on by a critical MSM and Twatter fuckwits. So the default is to be as CYA as possible.

    A proper school policy would be to open them as before, no restrictions, no anything, and let the virus work its way through the kids to help build herd immunity. It might mean they can’t see Granny for 3 or 4 weeks until they’ve all had it. The problem, of course, is a very small percentage of kids will become really ill needing hospital, even ICU treatment, and one or two will die. It’s the dying kids, even one or two, who will give them too much grief, so we get all the shit we’ve been experiencing, and continue to do so.

  13. I’m not convinced immunity is the right word. I suspect many more actually catch it than we know, they just don’t notice it.

  14. Dear Mr Worstall

    There is a post on the Diamond Princess case on Anthony Watts’ blog by Willis Eschenbach which clearly showed the impact of the virus and who was at risk:

    The elderly were most likely to be asymptomatic, along with the young.

    Note the posting date – a full week before Mr Johnson’s lockup of the country. Pity he didn’t read it, or perhaps he wasn’t allowed to.


  15. Given even the lack lustre NHS has gotten fatality rates for hospital admissions from Covid down from 6% to nearly 1% surely even a return to previous case levels is going to be significantly less deadly, which would explain why we keep hearing about cases not deaths.
    To be clear you catch it and are ill enough (a small %) to need hospitalisation then even then there’s 99% chance you’ll survive

  16. @NDReader
    Good easy to understand analogy

    @JuliaM, Longrider, philip
    Spot on

    @Tim W
    This is not new. I was posting a couple of months ago that T-cells (lymphocytes) were doing the hard work. Also that previous coronavirus infections will have provided a ‘how to fight memory’ in immune system

  17. Pcar

    “This is not new. I was posting a couple of months ago that T-cells”

    On some of this China Virus stuff, the DT (and other MSM) does seem to be about a month or two behind what’s being thrashed out on the periphery elsewhere. And the DT and others reckon that’s worth some sort of paywall subscription….

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