And we think it is?

Tom Meighan has announced that he is leaving Kasabian, the Leicester rock band he co-founded as a student in the late 90s. The band shared a brief statement on Meighan’s departure, describing the decision as one taken by mutual consent.

Meighan had “struggled with personal issues that have affected his behaviour for quite some time and now wants to concentrate all his energies on getting his life back on track,” said the statement. The group said it would not comment further.

a) booze

b) drugs

9 thoughts on “And we think it is?”

  1. Both?

    Failure to take the knee?

    Having a Robinson’s Golliwog badge?

    Refusing to accept that someone with a cock is a woman?

    Just about anything these days.

  2. Today’s news – he’s on the stand for domestic abuse. Probably caused by a) and b) still

  3. Alternatively for Mr Joyce (h/t Old Holborn):
    Ex Labour MP


    Arrested five times (at least):

    Convicted of:

    Drink Driving
    Common Assault
    Removing Tag
    Breach of the Peace
    Criminal Damage
    Child Pornography

    Scotland. Right there.

  4. I notice the Eric Joyce story has been rapidly removed from the BBC News front page, and relegated to the depths of the ‘Local News’ section for Suffolk, with other highly important stories such as ‘Suffolk County Council faces £23m budget shortfall’ and ‘Local Music venue saved by £12k crowdfunding support’. Also that the headline doesn’t mention he was a Labour MP. You have to click on the actual article to get that information.

  5. I was intrigued to learn from Sky News that Meighan had “. . . pushed his ex-fiancé into a hamster cage.).

    So either: –
    a) Very small person
    b) Enormous hamster
    c) Poor sentence construction

    I’m going with ‘c’.

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