But that’s what is happening

Former head of Navy says military should focus on winning wars rather than ‘political correctness’

After all, the war on capitalism – which is what the one on sexism, racism etc is – is the greatest war of all…..

6 thoughts on “But that’s what is happening”

  1. The military should win wars? What a terribly quaint idea. Surely in this modern world all that is necessary is for both side of a war to self identify as winners and all shall be well?

  2. As my father said of the Second German War, almost all the good officers were from civvy street or the territorials. The professional officers were largely hapless.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    We have been powerful for too long. And we have nuclear weapons. So large scale conventional war has disappeared as a threat.

    We have, instead, sub-war. Terrorism. And political correctness gone mad. No one feels the pressure of war any more. So General pretend and feather they own nest. Contractors lie and steal. The politi8cians are more afraid of feminists than anyone else – except perhaps their own voters.

    This is not going to end well

  4. @SMFS

    The ligical follow-up to that, given the world situation and threats that we face, is why our intelligence services are an order of magnitude less well funded than the armed forces, given the role they can play in counter-terrorism and sub-threshold conflict. I’m glad in the liberal sense not to live in a spy state, but at the same time I feel I’m more likely to come to a grisly end for want of a spook than for want of a tank.

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