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I know we have at least one informed Cloggie reading/commentating here. So, about Cloggie Culture. Yes, we know, mountaineering doesn’t feature heavily.

However, here on the Holiday Coast Dutch teenagers seem to be an important thing. ‘Fousands of ’em in fact. From this distance of age not entirely sure whether just out of high school or university holidays. But would guess that it’s just out of high school. The question then becoming, is this a thing? That this first summer after the equivalent of A levels go off to some beach place somewhere and party?

Almost like a combo of the American prom (of course Dutch virginities won’t be quite such a feature) and Spring Break?

Actually, that’s a reasonable test of the idea. If you made a movie about Dutch teenagers and the passage into adulthood etc would it make sense to everyone if this happened on a Southern European beach in the first two weeks after high school graduation? First month maybe?

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  1. Historically, I believe they used to infest Ibiza. When I worked in Amsterdam, the young ones were always banging on about the great parties they had enjoyed on the White Island

  2. Ummm… yes, yes, and yes?

    Basically, first Holiday you do Without the Parental Units is quite often a package deal to a sunny southern beach or Party Camping. There’s 3 or 4 travel agencies catering especially to that kind of thing.
    It’s sort of a BlueCollar thing. Age group is 16 ( yes. different laws. live with it..) and 19-20ish.

    Actual college/uni students ( 18+ minimum) tend to hit either eastern Europe or Asia. Different crowd.

  3. Hardly unique to the Dutch. Brits, the Scandis, even the Germans do it. The destinations are notorious: Faliraki, Ayia Napa, Magaluf, etc. The Dutch seem to have chosen your patch.

  4. Oh… And yes… The ladies in the crowd most definitely are out to lose that “Virgin” status if they haven’t already.
    They’re picky as hell, but they are most definitely Out Hunting…

  5. Chris: A nice reminiscence there, as the Britannia Coconutters were just at the top of the valley where I lived as a kid. The Cloggies are all in the best traditions of English eccentricity that our host often appreciates.

    Sad that the bastards now have it in for the Britannia lads ‘cos of the blackface thing.

  6. Oh.. and it isn’t a movie.. It was a soapie called “Costa!”, and would rate between Baywatch and Softcore pr0n elsewhere in the world… 😛

  7. Schools closed for about 12 weeks. Schools re-open in some Countries two to three weeks ago, now close for Summer Vacation.

    I’ve tried but can’t quite understand the logic. Wouldn’t it be better to forgo Summer hols and catch up on lost school work?

  8. For parents in Canada it’s usually somewhere in Mexico that the younguns bugger off to for the first time without parental units.

  9. @JohnB.. Europe/NA ≠ Asia.

    Plus that afaik school periods and holidays are govt mandated. I believe for most of Europe a number of laws would have to be (fundamentally) changed to make that happen.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ I’ve tried but can’t quite understand the logic. Wouldn’t it be better to forgo Summer hols and catch up on lost school work?”

    It was suggested and vetoed by teacher’s unions.

    One day we’ll get a Conservative government and they’ll have the balls to take on the teachers in the same way Maggie took on the miners.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset


    According to the Speccie Coffee House Shots podcast at that time Boris (read Cummings) was livid with Williamson not just for that but for the way he’s handled the whole school opening issue. My guess his next move is to the back benches.

  12. @Grikath
    First “Holiday Without the Parental Unit” (17) was 350mile MC ride with mate to British MC GP, Silverstone. No advance accom, tickets, map – head South on A1 and all will work out; it did. So good we repeated with more until it moved to Donington

    Drunken, druggie beach parties – no thanks. They’re peer pressure groupies, not free independent peeps

  13. Not saying it’s my cup of tea, or has ever been Pcar… It’s simply that an appreciable fraction of dutch younglings do this, so yes… If they land in Tim’s back yard, it’s not surprising to see 100’s of not a couple 1000 of them..

    Even in the day I knew *of* it , so to better avoid it. I made my first fumbling steps to Manhood practicing on Midlands/Cheshire lasses.. 😛

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