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Damned if you do……

So, emergency, don;t just stand there, do something. So, something is done. At which point:

When secret coronavirus contracts are awarded without competition, it’s deadly serious
George Monbiot

Perhaps an emergency isn’t quite the time to be running 3 month competitive bids?

5 thoughts on “Damned if you do……”

  1. I wouldn’t mind if George had kicked up a giant stink about the 12 BILLION that was pissed away on Connecting for Health, or the billions pissed away on the Millenium Dome and the Olympics.

    I honestly think that the procurement process is probably more damaging and expensive than suitcases of fivers being shuffled from a councillor’s mate to the councillor. The end result is largely the same but by more complex and circuitous means: the mates of the councillor influence the rules of the game, so win the tenders.

  2. At the same time, allowing people in the government to set aside procedures ‘in case of emergency’ just incentivizes them to create more emergencies.

    Needing them to drop competition rules in an ’emergency’ (hindsight shows that there was time to source competitive bids) probably means too much is under centralized control. If it had been possible to have this controlled by the private sector the incentives align differently.

  3. @BoM4

    Or the £10 Billion pissed away on Hancock’s “World Beating” failed Track & Trace App

    How is it possible to spunk £10 Billion in a couple of months on a single, narrow purpose App a few coders could create in a week or two?

    Was your former employer involved?

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    If we’d had an insurance based system similar to Germany’s it wouldn’t have been the government’s problem to fuck up.

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