Gee, ya think?

A former private secretary to Argentina’s vice-president has been murdered, fuelling speculation that he was targeted for being a whistleblower in a corruption case.

The body of Fabián Gutiérrez, 48, who for years worked closely with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and later testified against her, was found at a house on the outskirts of El Calafate in Patagonia on Saturday, two days after he went missing. Four people have been arrested.

Arkanicide goes international?

3 thoughts on “Gee, ya think?”

  1. For years I pooh-poohed the notion that the Kennedy assassinations were the work of the CIA or the FBI. But after watching those outfits repeatedly staging attempted coups against the Orange Oaf I am much less sure. It seems likely to me that Watergate was essentially an FBI coup against Nixon. How foolish of Nixon to give the bastards the ammunition they needed.

  2. @ dearieme
    I still pooh-pooh it because Kennedy had given the Communists a major setback over Cuba, so the initial thought that he was shot by a pro-communist remains the most plausible answer. That may not be correct but each of the alternatives is less plausible.
    The suggestion in the X-files that the hard-right CIA murdered Kennedy (to put LBJ in control to push through “civil rights” legislation) boggles an intelligent mind. Of course the “X-files” doesn’t look at he impact of Johnson because it would mess up the demonisation of the cigarette-smoking man.
    Watergate was indubitably a consequence of Nixon’s paranoia – he had no need of it.

  3. I suppose when you live in a place called El Caliphate, that being murdered goes with the territory…

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