Harry and Wossname

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex asked the organisers of an advertising boycott against Facebook “which brands they could help target” when they offered their support, a key figure behind the campaign has said.

Prince Harry and Meghan gave their support for the Stop Hate for Profit initiative last weekend, supporting the “urgent and pressing need for reform” and the call for “structural changes to the online world”.

It’s almost Snippesque in it’s desperate pursuit of being with the in crowd isn’t it?

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  1. Woke wankers can still be useful idiots. If they help to hurt other deserving woke wankers like Facebook.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    Great news!
    Facebook – Purveyors of Hate by Appointment to HRH the Duke of Sussex

  3. From what i read the meat of the Facebook advertising is all the Old yellow pages stuff. What fun to give Meghan and Harry a directory and ask them to ring all the Mom and Pops. -oh and raise some real cash setting a documentary team to film their piss off “i’m not doing that” reaction or even better film their attempt and everyones “huh!Who did you say you were again?” “i’m not doing that” reactions.

  4. @Hallowed be

    Yes my understanding is it’s exactly the typical Yellow Pages advertiser who makes up a big chunk of FB’s income – which makes sense as they can do much more useful targeting with the location and demographics info on FB than they can elsewhere online.

    In a way the situation suits everyone doesn’t it?

    Big brands get to demonstrate their credentials by boycotting something that may only have been a small part of their strategy to start with.

    FB still gets the local advertising so can weather out the boycott.

    Local advertisers may even benefit from a reduction in rates.

    Something I am not clear on – boycotters are unhappy at the context in which ads they pay for may be displayed (this was previously a big issue with YouTube too, not talking FB specifically) but they don’t want to use human resources to place all their own ads only at trusted venues they believe “align with their values”. But if the degree of alignment required gets ever higher and the degree of permissible dissent ever reduced, then at some point you either need to do far more vetting, only advertise on venues you actually own or control, or you need to outsource the vetting. If you’re genuinely concerned that your advert may appear on a page that also includes an opinion you or your customers may disagree with, the current system of online advertising doesn’t sound like it’s ideal for you. What are the long term trends here – have any larger businesses seriously looked at stopping using ad auctions that could see their logo appearing on all kinds of weird and wonderful corners of the Web and focusing more on working with trusted “partners” (eg news and media websites they trust to be on-message, direct relationship with “influencers”)?

  5. It’s almost Snippesque in it’s desperate pursuit of being with the in crowd isn’t it?

    There is a similarity in the unseemly low-rent practices of each.

    But they already hold the things that Snippa craves most, and one has to hope will never get, honorific titles. Why he doesn’t buy one of those £20 Lordship packs I don’t know.

  6. MyBurningEars- “What are the long term trends here?” – well exactly, you can’t code filters for this stuff very well because its just whack-a-mole. And to the extent that humans are better at “knowing it when they see it” that’s whack-a-mole too because what was ok yesterday is not today. So influencers yes, but from what i can see that’s far from negating the risk either and involves regularly throwing one on a bonfire to keep the pitchfork weilders feeling warm and validated.

    The basic laws of competition i guess will be the emergence of brands who give a stuff and brands who don’t give a stuff, and that in it self will form part of their brand.

  7. BraveFart said:
    “But they already hold the things that Snippa craves most, and one has to hope will never get, honorific titles. Why he doesn’t buy one of those £20 Lordship packs I don’t know.”

    Is it the title he’s after or the House of Lords expense allowance?

  8. “Why he doesn’t buy one of those £20 Lordship packs I don’t know.” Presumably the title Lord of the Manor of XYZ?

    What fun if he did it and then found himself with a £100,000 bill for repairing the church roof.

  9. Stop Hate and Profit is an anti-free speech movement. Any thing the Leftwaffe doesn’t like, they brand it ‘hate speech.’

    I guess calling it wacist was getting thin.

  10. The Yellow Pages thing is a good point. They’re are close to effectively demanding that the telephone directory be purged of people they don’t like.

  11. Harry the emasculated age-regressed “adult” being abused by his new “mummy”

    Plank Of The Week with Esther Krakue:

    1. Prince Harry & Meghan

    2. Dawn Butler MP

    Is Esther Krakue racist?
    Mike Graham, Esther Krakue and Mark Dolan right about Woke & BLM making us more racist even if we are not now

    Does Meghan Markle have her eye on the White House?
    Hmm, she couldn’t be worse than Biden or O’Bambi

    @Mr Ecks
    Woke Facebook is under attack as woke Zuckenburg not Woke & Left enough – his crime is wanting free speech, but with “Hate, Offensive” warnings

    Even his employees are against him

    Interestingly Piers Morgan has left Facebook due to their far-left agenda. Zuck has lost control of the monster he created

  12. Trump needs a couple of sharp moves.

    Were I he I would use emerg/terror/war whatever powers to seize ALL big tech left scum firms. Tell the staff that until after Election they are having the 1st Amendment forced on them and ALL those they have banned are back on ALL media. Any sabotage or resistance from woke left techs–Guantanamo for life as terror suspect.

    That stops Big Tech censorship.

    Then say that election cannot happen until ALL vote modalities have been fraud-checked –dead voters/postal vote fraud/illegals voting the lot. If election delayed a year so be it–a rigged election is tyranny and evil.

    Then mass purges of Estab stooges in Govt and democrat arrests and trials–Clintons , Obama and esp Biden –the fucking lot.

    Election happens next year –with entire system purged of scum

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