Harry Matey

The Duke of Sussex has apologised to young people for their elders’ lack of progress in making “right the wrongs of the past”, saying institutional racism and unconscious bias must end now….

You’re not actually very good at this so stop, now, before you embarrass yourself further.

The Duchess of Sussex was left “undefended by the institution” while pregnant and a member of the Royal family, her legal team has said, as they claim her wedding brought £1billion in tourism to the UK….

It’s your wife’s character and soul that’s being objected to, not the colour of the skin on a rather fit bird.

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  1. Genius !.
    I`m a big fan of Akala; seems to me he has walked the walk so to speak.One of the points he makes about the juxtaposition of black rights and white working class grievance, is that black people are usually suffering all the disadvantages of being in the lower socio economic groups as well. These are not opposed groups they are, in many ways,the same.
    This is a much better approach that the man formerly known as Prince bitching about white privilege ..that he can keep a straight face while doing it shows a sort of cuntiness that most of us will never achieve.

    Highly entertaining though

  2. Many people who migrate lose some of the social status they had in their country of origin because they don’t fit in or are identifiably different where they end up. If they migrate because they lost everything ‘back home’ then matters are worse because they start from nothing.

    However, there are contingents of people who don’t climb out of this hole, and whose descendants probably descend (pun intended) even further because they are lazy, stupid, druggy, or addicted to living on benefits and crime.

    On a different topic, black seems to have replaced beige in the computer world. I started with creamy white computers, monitors, keyboards and mice, the following generation was buff, and then everything turned black. Is this a metaphor for anything?

  3. Facepaint–neither black nor white needs any of your patronising sanctimonious middle class leftist shite.

    Go see if Blojo Johnson will give any Tory krony handout money. Brexit aside –he likes traitors and middle class Marxist scum like you.

  4. Speaking of migration, the government just invited 3,000,000 to move here and the press seems to think this is of equivalent or lesser importance than whether our 5G network includes hardware with a Huawei sticker.

  5. The majority will use their British passports to go to Canada or Australia. This was all hashed out at the time of the handover.

  6. Facepaint–neither black nor white needs any of your patronising sanctimonious middle class leftist shite.

    I am not left wing.
    If by middle class, you mean educated well read, tolerant hard working and interested in subjects beyond the ongoing mediocrity of Arsenal FC – then I will admit to that Ecks – excuse me for being in every way
    an admirable human being with the body of y Michelangelo`s David.

  7. Does Harry ever wonder why Jofra Archer – who unlike his wife doesn’t need to tell people that he is black – is far more popular than Megan?
    Perhaps because he is humourous and doesn’t get involved in politics?

  8. So someone who is 20-odd not only ‘apologising’ on behalf of other people, uninvited, but people much older than him. OK, makes sense.

    And if anyone has “white privilege”, fuck me it will be a member of the Royal Family.

  9. You are crawling Marxistic shite Fece. You walk the walk if not talk the talk.

    I am working class and have forgotten more than a garbage bag like you will ever know.

    While amusing your fantasies about what a fine fellow you are serve only to display the putrid ego that is the source of your self-serving treason and brass-hearted evil braying. Like Satan’s tuba –after Satan sat on it.

  10. £1 billion? Sure, right.

    But, let’s be honest, here. Whoever Harry had married, there would have been tourists, and some young, previously unmarried woman would have fitted the fairytale nonsense better than someone close to 40. So, I think the couple probably owe the hotel owners some money.

  11. While I have a certain sympathy for Harry & Megan, when she started to call herself an activist and campaigner, that showed she had completely misunderstood her husband’s country and the position of his family in it. Our Royals support a whole range of endeavours, and manage to do so precisely by avoiding such a description. A cultural difference, certainly, but her skin colour has nothing to do with it.

  12. @ BiND

    Yep, he’s a proper Cuck now, Markle leads him around by his cock. Mind you, his Mum was a soppy cunt as well so it runs in the family.

    However, if he keeps this shite up, I imagine someone in the Palace will leak his paternity to the press and that’ll be it.

  13. So Much For Subtlety

    It makes me wonder what possible outre sexual practice she can offer that would be worth it? I mean, sure, everyone likes a good blowjob but it would have to be *spectacular* to be worth this sort of humiliation. Anal?

    Maybe he just likes the humiliation?

    I feel sorry for that Saffa chick he was going out with. Everyone must know she wasn’t up to it because look what a talented young adventuress can do?

  14. SMFS,

    “It makes me wonder what possible outre sexual practice she can offer that would be worth it? I mean, sure, everyone likes a good blowjob but it would have to be *spectacular* to be worth this sort of humiliation. Anal?

    Maybe he just likes the humiliation?”

    I remember mates of mine who were treated badly by girls when they were teenagers, but they were lower-middle class teenagers and just glad to be getting any at all. When you’ve got a massive inheritance from your mother and large cash from your dad every year, you should have them queuing up. You should be able to discard the bitches and find some nice pleasant girl who actually likes the idea of doing social events all day.

    What a waste. Seriously.

  15. Nautical Nick,

    “While I have a certain sympathy for Harry & Megan”

    Why? The guy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and the absolute worst thing he has to put up with is photographers catching him doing something embarrassing in public, which he has every right to walk away from, tell them he wants a private life, work as a cobbler and will never be bothered again, and probably never worry about paying the bills.

    He’s a spoiled child who has absolutely zero concept of how privileged he is compared to nearly everyone else in the country. If he’d chosen to walk away from the job because he didn’t want it and be a cobbler, I’d respect that. But what he wants is his cake and to eat it. He wants to be a public figure but without the scrutiny that comes with it.

  16. @bom4

    I sympathise with that view – few things more annoying than getting a lecture from someone who doesn’t seem to realise just how privileged they are themselves – but bearing in mind what happened to his mum and the weird bubble he grew up in, I understand why he doesn’t like the press, why he wants a more private life and why frankly he might be more than a bit screwed up.

    Provided someone has “reasonable” middle-class lifestyle expectations (which in his and his wife’s case seems to be a non-starter) he has just the right amount of money to mess up the kind of “retire to a private life” plan you outlined. Aside from the fact being a cobbler wouldn’t give him his privacy back (he would just get a stream of annoying royal superfan customers – better to find a back-office job) it just wouldn’t pay enough money compared to his substantial passive income to make it worth his while. I would hate to have inherited a couple of million in my teens or twenties for that reason – unless you become a management consultant, investment banker, surgeon or similar, most career paths aren’t going to make any real improvement to your means. I made enough to retire by my thirties and have really struggled with motivation since. Can’t imagine what it’s like before you even get started with education and career planning. (Of course if he has got too accustomed to an “unreasonable” lifestyle beyond whatever his passive income can sustain, that makes things worse and I’m even more glad I didn’t grow up spoiled like that, because I’ll never miss what I never had and the status anxiety on the way down has got to be genuinely psychologically painful however hard it is to sympathise with a spoilt little rich kid.)

    And since Harry isn’t going to become a surgeon or financier, his only means of making a “decent” living is exploiting his fame and background. I thought NN’s criticism of the “activist” thing was bang on – it’s the main reason she gets people’s backs up, and like you said, Harry could surely have found someone nice, pretty and willing to focus on core royal duties. By all accounts Meghan was actually very good at things like school events, popular with the youngsters and so on. But that isn’t all she wanted to do, and so she was always going to get frustrated at the royal family’s “inertia” – it’s just unrealistic for an outsider to come into such an ancient institution and expect it to be possible to transform it in her image, especially when joining at only a fairly junior level. Surely someone gave her The Talk on this and she knew what she was getting into – my guess is she had The Talk but interpreted it as an act of family hostility.

  17. “Surely someone gave her The Talk on this and she knew what she was getting into – my guess is she had The Talk but interpreted it as an act of family hostility.”

    Nope: “What Megan wants, Megan gets.”

  18. “The majority will use their British passports to go to Canada or Australia.”

    In the run up to the handover so much property in Vancouver was allegedly being sold to Hong Kong residents it was referred to as HongCouver

  19. I tend to think that even though she was going in at a junior level she thought she could move up in the hierarchy, not realising it would take a large number of people to die before that happened. Possibly she also under estimated existing Royals popularity and thought she could become the ‘next Diana’ as far as the media and public we’re concerned and that as long as she had the acclaim she didn’t care about anything else.

  20. Indeed – one of the reasons the Govt is relaxed about the 3 M BNO’s in Honkers is that the vast majority will only ever use the UK as a stepping stone to Vancouver, Los Angeles or Brisbane. Hardly any have any intention of coming here for any length of time.

  21. ‘elders’ lack of progress in making “right the wrongs of the past”‘

    Not my job, mon.

    I’m busy making the wrongs of the present. I couldn’t fvcking care less about the past.

  22. I’ve long suspected that most of the hostility shown towards Meghan Markle has a lot to do with a certain degree of anti-Americanism here in the UK, rather than her skin colour. Honestly, if the media hadn’t gone on and on about her ‘mixed-race’ status, most people wouldn’t know or care.

    My mother, who was born during WW2, had a deep distrust of Americans, particularly the flashier, louder celebrities, which she had inherited from her father. He apparently used to complain about the attitude of ‘We’ll show you how to win a war!’ displayed by some of the GIs stationed in the UK. In Meghan’s case, she gives the impression that she intended to show us how to run the Royal Family and was upset that her benevolent guidance was not well received.

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