He was also a regular at the parish church. True to form, he turned up for the service every Sunday dressed as a Cossack.

But this is damn good advice:

an improbable engagement in 1979 with the Royal Opera to play non-singing parts in productions of Benjamin Britten’s Peter Grimes and Berlioz’s Benvenuto Cellini. The brothers feared such a highbrow enterprise was beyond their compass but were reassured when Roy Kinnear advised: “Look at your contract. Does it say you have to be good?”

2 thoughts on “Hmm”

  1. The Times, late as always. An obituary for him appeared in the Torygraph last week.

    YouTube has many clips of the Alberts but some are badly edited or just plain low-res; still worth watching.

  2. I missed the (excellent) Telegraph obit until today. I also had never heard of the Grays or their work. I am a Python fan but haven’t delved into their forerunners, apart from Spike Milligan (but not the Goons).

    The obituary certainly made me laugh, so I will see what’s on youtube.

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