I know, I know!

Labour warns UK recovery plan could end up wasting public money

Let’s elect Labour and make sure!

6 thoughts on “I know, I know!”

  1. In imitation of Wee Krankie–act no it is a worldwide plan–Blojo is blowing about forcing masks on us.

    I no longer think this is just hysteria –it is a plan and we HAVE to resist it. The mask is a tryout to see how many will resist–and how much further they can push their tyranny.

  2. This mask business is happening now because 1) there are now masks available to the public and 2) it disguises the fact that the government has been incompetent and hysterical and needs to pretend that great danger persists in order to cover up their manifold and manifest idiocies.

    One area of expenditure we already know is a waste. The 30 billion on test and track. There can be very few (a Hebridean crofter, a Trappist monk?) who have not already been exposed to the virus. And we also now know that people who have had Covid (tested while sick) can recover and show no antibodies. As Mr Ecks would say, it’s just an excuse to lock people up.

  3. Apparently, a medical person in the family you see, surgical mask, you breathe into it it gets damp and useless, and masks they use for tuberculosis patients, 30 mins max use and they are useless.

  4. Ecks/Philip

    Agreed. It’s got very little to do with science.

    Do you think Bazza would be so keen on this cretinous idea if people started “adorning” the front of the masks. For example with extremely impolite comments about said cretin.

    Could that quickly take off as a national campaign if he carries on being such a prat?

    I sense that both left and right could happily join in on that one, the left for mischief (despite being more likely gullible and believing in all this shit), and the right to get even with the useless bastard?

    If he goes down that route, I shall certainly start agitating with people I know. It surely might not take too much on social media for it take off?

    Maybe Cummings needs this explaining very slowly to him.

  5. If masks work so well, how come I can smell someone’s fart even though it has had to pass through underpants and trousers- both much thicker than a mask – to get to the open air? Are faecal spores bigger than a virus?

  6. They must have replaced Boris with a pod person in the hospital.

    MPs with Covid is code for full brain replacement and spine removal.

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