Ecological collapse is within sight – and yet parenting is still viewed as a moral imperative. But countless women like me are building a new normal: a life without children

It’s not a moral imperative – it’s simply the purpose of life. We are DNA’s reproduction system.

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  1. Ecological collapse is not in sight, so, given that the article kicks off with a lie, there is no need to read beyond the first line.

    Presumably she’s not overly bothered about children, would be a shame for someone to choose not to have children because they genuinely believe St. Greta, only to discover that it’s all a load of bollocks when it is too late.

  2. Americans are having fewer babies – we are experiencing a record low in fertility rates: in 2017, of 1,000 women of childbearing age, only 60.2 became mothers. In this series, they tell us why more women than ever before are choosing to not have children.

    I think I’ve mentioned before that the Western world has a looming crone crisis.

    Most of these women who turn their wombs into a grave don’t earn enough or save enough to pay for their own retirement, and their assumption that men – either niceguys they can “settle down” with once they age out of the one night stand scene, or Dad, or taxpayers – will keep paying for the questionable pleasure of keeping them around is unlikely to pan out for much longer.

    The Niceguys are going on strike because masturbating and computer games are increasingly preferable to constant aggro and occasional sex, parents are living too long and consuming rather than bequeathing their resources, and National Insurance is a ponzi scheme.

    So what are we going to do with the regiments of bitter, childless crones without a bottle of Lambrini to piss in?

    “Introducing our new series on childfree women”

    Why Dying Alone (And Unlimited Third World Immigration) Is Good For The Environment, Would You Believe?

  3. Seems TJ and I thought the same and overlapped.

    Topical though, since Larry Niven was relevant yesterday too, re organ-legging.
    His book (with His Supreme Reaganess Jerry Pournelle) “Oath of Fealty” was where this phrase was coined, and it describes a group of sensible, industrious, ordinary Americans, being attacked by some credulous ecoloons, who are being manipulated by violent Marxists. The state of course is on the side of the loons.

    When I read it 20+ years ago, I thought then the politics contrived for words. Alas.

  4. @Evolution in action, stupid genes don’t get passed on…
    Considering the number of children Heather Frost, Mick Philpott etc have compared to say Stephen Hawkings.
    I would say that it is more the reverse – stupid genes have more children.

  5. Ecological collapse is imminent…


    We just had an impromptu experiment with a massive drop in cars, planes and everything similar.
    What happened?
    Not much really. It was warm and clear skies. Almost like the pollution was removed from the atmosphere somehow. You could almost posit that the environment is a stable system…
    And stable systems have a negative feedback to unwanted inputs.
    Who’d’ve thunk it?
    All those volcanoes going off, natural or otherwise fires, meteor strikes, etc and we still have a stable atmosphere.
    But I drive my pickup truck and it’s the end of the world*


  6. If she’s genuinely worried about ecological collapse, she should go and preach her anti-natalist gospel in Africa and Asia. She should also oppose third-world immigration into the West, as those immigrants massively increase their carbon footprints when they move to the civilised world.

  7. Ecological civilization collapse is imminent…

    Civilization requires a steady supply of new citizens. A great many women don’t seem to care if it dies.

  8. Michael van der Riet


    That’s some kind of a record. It took “new normal” under forty-eight hours to become the numero uno cliché to be avoided like the plague, yet people are still unavoiding it.

  9. Leaving all that ecological rubbish aside, it certainly is a moral imperative to a great many people.
    I’ve had the same conversation countless times when someone I’ve just met finds out I have no children and don’t wish to. They all go through the same process of denial, before eventually telling me that I will change my mind and walking away
    Working in pubs for many years, I’ve had this conversation more times than I can count and it always goes the same way when having it with people who already have children
    They explain all the joy children bring
    They ask who is going to look after us when we’re older
    They question their own choices
    They have a word with themselves for questioning their own choices
    They repeat point one a number of times to convince themselves they should not have questioned their own choices
    They state that they would do it all again, given the option
    They get annoyed and repeat the above points
    They feel sorry for us
    They state that we will change our minds
    They walk away

    The trouble is, nobody really thinks about having kids, they just do it. Having children is expected by society, so nobody sits down and thinks it over, they just do it
    When they have the above conversation, that’s the first time they realise it was actually a choice and that’s when they hit the denial button hard

  10. Bucko

    You believe whatever helps you get through this vale of tears…. the rest of us might call it self-serving.

    “Having children is expected by society……”

    As spring is sprung all I can think of is the entirety of the fauna and flora bowing down to society’s expectations and reproducing. If only they could find a wise barman to talk to…….

  11. Steve

    ‘Most of these women who turn their wombs into a grave don’t earn enough or save enough to pay for their own retirement, and their assumption that men – either niceguys they can “settle down” with once they age out of the one night stand scene, or Dad, or taxpayers – will keep paying for the questionable pleasure of keeping them around is unlikely to pan out for much longer.’

    how true is this? And in the era of #MeToo and BLM this trend is likely to accelerate. The alternative of course is the delights of Sharia Law but my guess is this ‘woman’ is not so keen on that!

  12. Bucko,

    MrsBud and I were completely conscious that having children was a choice. We both agreed before tying the knot that we wanted four. When we lost our little lad Mark our plans were disrupted and we settled on a three children family. When, nine years after our third surviving child, our laat lammetjie arrived, we and her siblings realised that four was the right number after all.

    It is entirely up to couples and individuals to choose if they want children. I respect the right of people to choose to have none, some of our best friends made that choice, but it was never an option for us. Had one of us not wanted children that could well have been a deal breaker for the other.

  13. @DocBud
    Very sensible and rational, indeed, the behaviour of a grown-up.
    Our codettes were the result of similar pre-nuptial fact-finding and long-term plan agreement.
    Others chose to do things differently.

    But the quote was from the Guardian!! 🙂
    Spoilt children throwing tantrums for each others approval.
    Still, the Grauniad at least has entertainment value, like an old-style circus freak show.

  14. Fact is, we are mammals. When we have children, we take care of them. It’s what we do.

    When I was young, I thought having kids would be a pain in the ass. Well, it turned out that I paid no attention, I just did what I needed to do without thinking. That something is a pain in the ass never enters my mind.

  15. I fathered four children because I knew that it was my duty to humanity to reproduce my superior genes.

  16. We are DNA’s reproduction system

    Yep, it’s always been fun to argue that all life on Earth is merely the fruiting body of different evolutionary varieties of DNA, as it persists in its devilish ambition of universal domination. So far, humans are the most promising means of getting off the planet and into the great beyond; though just now the Great Molecule must be having some pretty serious thoughts about whether somewhere along the line, it cocked up slightly….

    Watch out for the slime moulds.

  17. I had a biology professor ~1970 who warned the class not to give primacy to the adult phase of organisms. He stated that the chicken is the egg’s way of producing another egg.

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