Indeed and quite so

Freshly single, I started identifying as solo poly. Solo polyamorous people have no boyfriends, no wives or open marriages; no primary or secondary partners. Instead of using labels, the needs, rules and responsibilities of the relationship are agreed with each partner you have.

To sum that up, basically, my relationship status is almost always: I’m seeing people, but I’m also single. The people I’m seeing know this. I’m also bisexual and date people across the gender spectrum. Alternative relationships have been around for forever.

There’s a line in a movie. I want to say it’s Judy Dench saying it but not sure. But that sort of stout – in character – and mature woman she plays so well.

“In my day we called that fucking around”.

Very little new about it.

7 thoughts on “Indeed and quite so”

  1. Again, if there wasn’t a I on the keyboard they would not be able to write.

    Why would anybody be interested in this desperate person and her promiscuity?

  2. Short version – narcassist wants approval for their “unconventional” lifestyle thus proving how utterly conventional they really are. Revealed vs Expressed preferences.

  3. “I started identifying as solo poly […] Instead of using labels…”

    Internal logic is such an outmoded concept apparently.

  4. To precis the preacher “vanity vanity all is vanity…..there is nothing new under the sun.”

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