Introducing The Guardian to the technology of air conditioning

Wool and the gang: Why is Taylor Swift wearing a cardigan in summer?

And yes, Americans will, often enough, have it turned up high enough that you’ll want to put on an extra layer indoors in summer.

11 thoughts on “Introducing The Guardian to the technology of air conditioning”

  1. Dressing up to go into air-conditioned places is universal.

    Mid 60s, living in Western Australia, out beyond the black stump; summer temps 100F and up in the shade. You sure needed something warn with sleeves to put on when you went into any of the few air-conditioned places in town that were only at 70F.

    Early 80s, back in the UK, in the days before a PC on every desk, when you had separate air conditioned computer terminal rooms, everyone put on jackets, and in some cases gloves, to go do a stint of coding.

  2. The first time I ate in a restaurant in Hong Kong, back in the 80s, I was surprised that they handed my girlfriend a shawl as we sat down. It soon became obvious why.

  3. What was the headline writer thunking? Wool doesn’t rhyme with cool though, not even in Nashville.
    Might be related to the mystery of lyrics follow up blame,main,same,flame, with again… only for the singer to sing it “agen”, what’s the point, unless its a subverting expectations on purpose thing.

  4. “Wool doesn’t rhyme with cool though, not even in Nashville.”

    Don’t woo’ and coo’ rhyme in London English?

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Isn’t this sexism or summat? How men turn the air conditioning so low that the women suffer? Who can remember the Guardian before the great Covid/Brexit freak out?

  6. jgh feeling grumpy

    It’s the same with Brits who want the heating up high enough for a T-shirt in winter. put a damn jumpuer on!

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    I would have thought the obvious answer is that she is getting in character as part of the song writing process that will result in a horribly catchy vaguely Country-ish complaint about (shakes the Taylor Swift magic eight ball) teenage love gone wrong.

    With an extra added dose of all boys are swine.

  8. @The Sage
    “only at 70F” – Only? 21C is too hot for me

    UK 1986 insurance co:: most in IT wearing cardies/jumpers. The A/C was damned noisy too

    +10 Agree

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