Isn’t this excellent?

New betrayal of care homes: Experts warn of ‘disaster’ facing nursing centres amid fears of staff shortages as post-Brexit visa rules exclude low-paid foreigners

Unemployment’s going to be pretty low then, innit?

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  1. But Age UK urged an immediate U-turn and warned that the needs of the elderly had been ‘sacrificed’.

    Coronavirus did nothing wrong.

  2. Should I be parked in one of these waiting homes for death, I would hope for a swift exit. Pneumonia was traditionally called the old man’s friend but Wuflu would do as well.

  3. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Experts warn of ‘disaster’ facing nursing centres amid fears of staff shortages as post-Brexit visa rules exclude low-paid foreigners

    So having the elderly being tended to by low-paid foreigners is considered optimal?

  4. @ Dennis
    Only to Daily Wail journalists who want their readers to be free of the burden of caring for aged and infirm parents but also to be able to look forward to a fat inheritance undiminished by paying for care. Sometimes the Daily Mail is as hypocritically selfish as The Guardian.
    The decision not to hand out work visas willy-nilly to unskilled Eastern Europeans will marginally alter the negotiating balance of power/powerlessness between care home employers/agencies providing temporary staff and the million or so unemployed we shall have after lockdown and could lead to marginally higher pay for the workers. All the extra cost will be borne by the “self-funding” residents (including Daily Mail readers because the local authorities bully care homes into taking state-funded residents below cost and the self-funding residents have to cross-subsidise those as well as paying for their own care and providing the care home with a profit (hopefully modest but occasionally scandalously high). A year or two ago one of the biggest care home providers went into the equivalent of Chapter 11 and some of their homes were transferred by the landlord to a competitor when it defaulted on the rent.
    There is also the oddity that quite a few Daily Mail readers act as voluntary unpaid carers/helpers but hardly any work as paid carers.

  5. When interviewing care home industry reps, they started by insisting that care home work is not unskilled. So, a cap on unskilled immigration isn’t going to affect them then, is it?

    And the squirming when trying to justify complaining about this being a deliberate policy to increase the wages of some of the poorest-paid workers in the country.

  6. @ Pcar
    50+ years ago I actually had some useful training by more experienced workers. But a decade or so later, when my then employer sent me on “training courses” for junior management they resembled your experiences (I only ever went on two – after the second I was known as “No” by my colleagues for my automatic reflex repeatedly said “No” to lecturers who said things that I knew to be untrue). This did result in a minor improvement in thst my employer sacked Middlesex University and replaced them with Ashridge who were more competent.

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