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Positive stereotypes are still racist, a tribunal has ruled, after a university lecturer was fired for saying “Jewish people are the cleverest in the world”….

If negative stereotypes are racist, and positive ones are, then all stereotypes are racist. Which is a bit of a pity as the one great finding of the social sciences is that there’s something in stereotypes…..

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  1. But of course positive stereotypes are (capable of being) racist.

    The correct answer is: so what?

    We live in a theocracy (among other things), so some opinions are deemed heretical. Racism is one. In fact it is more or less a synonym for heresy. Thus, to the benighted knaves and fools who bandy the word around, no further discussion is needed.

    But if you’re accused of heresy, and you answer, “so what?”, you oblige your would-be tormentor either to descend to the brutishness he ascribes to you, or to justify his condemnation beyond mere name-calling.

  2. We have an over production of elites.
    Far too many people have been led to believe that they are better than anyone else, and are desperately scrabbling to justify that belief.
    And God does it sound desperate sometimes!

  3. the one i hear which is a bit dodgy, is – “my mother always told me because i’m [insert a thing here] i have to work twice as hard as [insert a different but fundamentally the same thing here]”. I do think good on you Mum for trying to motivate your kid, and i can make any allowance if it actually is either true and/or efficacious at getting a teenager to show a leg and pull a finger out. So its not shocking that a Mum would say that,but it is kind of shocking that that gets broadcast unchallenged by someone who’s job title includes anything that resembles journalist. It kind of grates just on an accuracy level- is that actually true? (Just how many extra units of work does the insert thing here actually have to work, can we get a fact check here” please BBC?)

  4. ” Which is a bit of a pity as the one great finding of the social sciences is that there’s something in stereotypes…..”

    Indeed. European stereotypes of Jews – good and bad – are a result of 2000 years of Europeans noticing Jewish behavior. As Steve Sailer says, there’s a general war on noticing.

  5. Steve–still got a hard spot for that slag Patel? After her latest cockrot that the already woke HO is to get even more Marxist training and we can look forward to even more Tory Abbots and Lammys.

  6. We have an over production of elites.

    Well, we have an overproduction of people who believe they deserve elite status.

  7. So, *holds breath* are the Jewish people the most intelligent (on average) or not?

    It’s Ashkenazi Jews in particular that score well in some tests. A quick wkpd indicates that it’s all rather scientifically controversial.

  8. “A quick wkpd indicates that it’s all rather scientifically controversial.” Could be but I doubt it. There may be scientific controversy over whether, for example, random samples have been tested. But the proposition that one group might differ from another for genetic reasons is sound.(How many Whites do you know whose sprogs turned out to be black pygmies?) So is the proposition that one group might differ from another for environmental reasons.

    I suspect a big effect will often occur when genetic and environmental reasons reinforce each other.

    So it’s likelier that any controversy isn’t about science but about heresy.

  9. smfs
    Not the way I read the article (thanks for link btw)
    The idea is that stereotypes are a sort of working hypothesis that may or may not be confirmed on closer acquaintance.
    A useful short cut at best.

  10. I don’t know if it is still the case but certainly for most of the 20th century if you divided the world’s population into Russian Jews, non-Russian Jews, Non-Jewish Russians and non-Jewish non-Russians you’d find disproportionately the most chess Grandmasters in the first category with declining proportions in the other groups.

  11. Useful rule of thumb.
    A scientific theory is “controversial” to the exact extent it is in conflict with current year wokeness.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s the left who use stereotypes in the most offensive ways, which can be paraphrased as “All [ethnic minority/race] believe we are their saviours and if they prove they are individuals capable of independent thought we’ll cancel them” cf Priti Patel

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