It’s an old mistake

It didn’t take long. The wheels of the Black Lives Matter movement are already starting to get stuck in the mire of doubt and suspicion. A few short weeks ago, politicians were eager to be photographed taking the knee in solidarity with the movement; now they’re desperate to distance themselves from what the movement demands – such as moving funds away from policing and into mental health services and youth work to prevent crime occurring in the first place.

Both Lenin and Stalin insisted that there would be no crime – normal crime that is – in a socially just society. So, let’s get on with the creating the social justice and the crime will fade away, won’t it?

It has to be said that it didn’t work out that way. And not just because the definition of crime was changed so that opposing social justice was one.

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  1. It’s not enough for society to be just. Every single person within a society needs to *perceive* that society is just, otherwise there will always be discontent.

    Unfortunately for BLM and other campaigns, worthy as they may be, pulling society in one direction – particularly so rapidly – tends to increase discontent in other areas of society.


    BLM are the Marxian scum of the Earth.

    They are shite supporters of a death cult that has murdered 150 million people and used many millions more as actual slaves–doing 5000 calories of hard labour in sub-zero weather on 1500 calories a day–is beyond vile.

    BLM –like Antifa trash–need their Marxist skulls clubbed in.

  3. The wheels of the Black Lives Matter movement are already starting to get stuck in the mire of doubt and suspicion.

    My suspicions were raised in 2014 when BLM started riots all over the US, which led to police forces withdrawing from the inner cities. The number of black Americans murdered rose by 1,000 in 2015 and BLM is at least indirectly responsible.

    Even if you do not agree with the above, please tell me – how many black lives has Black Lives Matter saved?

  4. It originally took all of about two minutes of reading to discover that BLM were weirdo race-Marxists. It’s not like they hide it in their writings.

    Which tells you that most of the people bending the knee and uttering the slogan had no idea what they were really backing. The rest were either plain black-and-angry or actual weird race-Marxists.

    I was actually really glad when some of the football community, mostly black folks initially (I’m guessing the whites were too afraid to speak against it), were the first to start to walk back in the nonsense.

    This has been one of the most impressive bait-and-switch operations in politics ever – a slogan no-one could argue against, popularising a fringe extremist organisation. They have made millions off this, and it’s all gone into their own private corporation (they are no charity and not a registered political party)

  5. Terrible Adolff, I did not know about that. Amazingly the MSM have managed to report it without mentioning that her murderers were BLM ‘protestors’.

  6. Unfortunately for BLM and other campaigns, worthy as they may be…

    I see that Ecks got in there before me. There is nothing remotely worthy about this organisation. They are openly Marxist, which means that they are either historically illiterate or lack any moral compass. Anyone who claims to be a Marxist and is perfectly happy with the inevitable pile of corpses that will result – has resulted in the past – is a reprehensible, murderous scumbag.

  7. Politicians, sportsmen, global corporations, banks and media were all fine with supporting BLM as long as they only murdered police officers, killed random white people, tore down statues of great white men, defaced war memorials, beat Englishmen to a bloody pulp on the streets of England and called for abolishing the police.

    Then they went a step too far; they criticised Israel, and everyone who’d supported them started backpedaling like mad.

  8. ” Fuck off Jonathan you Marxist scum.”

    What an insightful take. Why do you think I support a Jewish ideology?

  9. “moving funds away from policing and into mental health services and youth work to prevent crime occurring in the first place.”

    What a lightweight this woman is. Surely mental health and youth services are just soft forms of policing, palliatives to prevent the alienated workers from breaking down completely or falling into the lumpenproletariat? What we need is the complete dismantling of the economy and polity, and only then will everything be sufficiently lovely for people to stop doing naughty stuff.

  10. I agree there was definitely a sudden cooling in the U.K. from the Premier League and Sky when the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism started making complaints about BLM.
    Could be coincidental, felt they had milked it for as much as they could, but could also be they didn’t want to get stuck between 2 campaign groups

  11. My support for BLM dropped years ago when it was clear they weren’t interested in democratic politics. Genuine movements, even nasty ones, have a political wing. Sinn Fein, Greens/Greenpeace, Hamas, SNP, etc.

    BLM, by avoiding politics, show themselves to be uninterested in solutions.

    If they want to defend the police, reset the state, etc then they should run on that ticket. They’d lose massively, of course, which is why they won’t. It would expose them for being all mouth and no trousers.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s amusing to watch companies walking back their virtue signalling by clawing that BLM has been hijacked by nutters. I wonder if they’ll ever realise and admit that it wants hijacked by nutters, far from it, it was started by nutters who had a brilliant PR slogan that the hard of thinking find difficult to see beyond.

  13. BLM: A Brief History of Weak MSM, Politicians, Police and Slebs Ignoring BLM Facts & Reality to Virtue Signal

    On 9 June, Nigel Farage warned about BLM – The media cannot say they were not told
    The media reaction was to sack & blacklist Nigel

    9 June 2020

    Nigel Farage “BLM Marxist and like ISIS” vs a coven of ITV, BBC, HuffPost Leftists inc Piers Moron

    20 June
    Rita Panahi -People submitting to the BLM mob ‘supporting radical Marxist group’

    30 June
    A Marxist agenda underpins the Black Lives Matter Movement
    The movement’s official objective states “we disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another”

    This really says it all. Nicholas who is arguing for BLM and hasn’t a clue what they stand for

    “Worthy”? No and never have been. Same as Greens, XR and rest of SJW mob. They’re mostly deluded useful idiots exploited by Stalinist leaders

    Meanwhile Lewis Hamilton being made aware F1 don’t want politics:
    – Mercedes – £20million pay-cut next year, bye bye
    – Race officials – lots of ‘broke a rule’ penalties

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