I’ve mentioned this before

The case for British slavery reparations can no longer be brushed aside
Afua Hirsch

It grates, intensely, that Ms. Hirsch likes to tell us this and also of her Akan heritage. The Akan being one of the customers of the Portuguese slave traders before the Americas were even discovered. The Ps would pick up slaves – war captives etc – on the oil coast – the Niger Delta that is – then sell them to the Akan in what is now Ghana – the Gold Coast as was. To be used in mining that gold.

Hell, one of the world’s largest gold miners is still Ashanti Gold, Ashanti being, in reasonable parlance, the larger tribal/cultural grouping of which the Akan are a part.

The other thing that annoys so intensely is that the descendants of slaves in the Americas are – with certain agreed exceptions like Haiti – vastly better off than the descendants of the non-enslaved in West Africa. Thus there is no case for reparations at all.

I am currently working on getting this written up at – short – book length. Really, these people are so damn irritating.

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  1. Afua Hirsch is black and Jewish.

    Shes is well balanced due to having a massive chip on both shoulders.

    And she is a cunt for good measure.

  2. “The African American intellectual WEB Du Bois was right when he described the enslavement of at least 12 million Africans as “the sum of all villainies, the cause of all sorrow, the root of all prejudice”.”

    Some ‘intellectual’ if he thinks there was no villainy, no sorrow and no prejudice before slavery…

  3. “I am currently working on getting this written up at – short – book length”… Reckon the money from the book sales will make up for any loss of income from cancelled freelance gigs? Or “unseen” ones that might otherwise have been offered but which might not be forthcoming once someone double-checks the CV?

    Bearing in mind no major political party in a Western country has committed to slavery reparations as far as I’m aware, the case against must presumably be speakable (particularly since in the worst case governments would be prepared to pay a lawyer to defend it in court) but these days I fear I’m not sure it’s arguable without consequence.

  4. As far as I’m concerned, if slave trading was ok for the blacks, it must be ok for the whites. Or am I missing something here…..?

  5. JuliaM

    “….no villainy, no sorrow and no prejudice before slavery……”

    There was nothing before slavery, not just wrongthink: it existed everywhere and in everytime. Until, that is, the British decided to put a stop to it. An act, expensive in blood and treasure, that seems to buy them no pass at all.

  6. @recusant

    Not sure about “everywhere and in everytime”. By the dawn of recorded history certain, it’s definitely been about for 4000+ years. But I think it required agricultural civilisation. Hunter-gatherer societies of more modern times don’t generally seem to have slavery as an institution – don’t generally have much by way of division of labour (other than by sex) and layers of social strata – so seems a fair assumption ancient hunter-gatherers didn’t either. Depending on how you see it that might mean the pre-slavery period constitutes ‘most of the span of humankind upon the Earth’ or ‘nothing of note, before anything resembling civilisation’ of course.

  7. MBE

    “Hunter-gatherer societies of more modern times don’t generally seem to have slavery as an institution..”

    Not strictly true. They didn’t have slaves for labour – captured men were generally killed – but they did enslave captured women from other tribes for what we might euphemistically call ‘leisure services’, as has been noted amongst the Yanomami, for one.

  8. As the descendant of a (white) man shipwrecked off the coast of Africa and who, with other survivors, was enslaved, sold on, and worked to death by an African tribe, I am quite prepared to accept cash, a cheque, or even a postal order, as reparation from this woman.
    Shirley, this country has already made a sufficient form of reparation, in foreign aid, to Africa, either by government or through charities? Water Aid, for instance, must have received so much money over the years, that every African must, by now, have their own, personal, standpipe?

  9. ‘Really, these people are so damn irritating.’

    They sense the lack of resolve amongst whites to point out the obvious falsehoods. This s#it will continue forever until legacy press says, “This is stupid.” But controversy sells, and politically, they are on board with the destruction of Western Civilization. They have methodically created an environment where people are afraid to speak up as they are too comfortable to risk it. Nothing cowers people like prosperity.

  10. This might run and run, perhaps the great political theme of the 21st century. The sums of money can be as enormous as you want.
    How about suburban england gets expelled from its homes and blacks settled there instead?

  11. The Chinese might take up the cause on behalf of the blacks (especially against the English), which would give them some real military clout.
    We might see Chinese missile take out English war jet flown by black woman!

  12. How about if all descendants of slaves get a free one way ticket to whichever flyblown shithole their ancestors hail from? Surely that would be the only form of reparation that makes sense, literally righting past wrongs.

  13. Hi Tim. Mixing up your Akan’s and Ashanti’s again. “Ashanti being, in reasonable parlance, the larger tribal/cultural grouping of which the Akan are a part.”. No the Ashanti are (the largest) tribe within the Akan. Others are Akyem, Fante, Akuapim, etc.

    “The Akan people comprise the following subgroups: Abinghi, Abbe, Abidji, Aboure, Adjukru, Ahafo, Ahanta, Akuapem, Akwamu, Akye, Akyem, Alladian, Anyi, Aowin, Ashanti (the principal ethnic groups), Assin, Attie, Avatime, Avikam, Baoulé, Bono, Chokosi, Denkyira, Ehotile, Evalue, Fante, Jwira-Pepesa, Kwahu, M’Bato, Nzema, Sefwi, Tchaman, Twifu, and Wassa.[1][22]”

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