Jacinda is Woken!

The head tilt, the frown of concern. Most Woken.

Just made some statement about the unequal distribution of donuts to sized women of color or summat.

16 thoughts on “Jacinda is Woken!”

  1. She has an arrogant mug that cries out for her arrogance and tyranny to be curbed.

    Also–recently had a kid? WhoTF would want to–she looks like chewing genetically modified super lemons is her 24/7/365 occupation.

    Also also those earholes make her look like she has a ring-pull head.

  2. Not quite sure what you are on about here but one thing I have frequently noticed is the tendency, in the Uk, to equate a porridge of oldy grumbles with Europe that in fact come form the “Anglosphere”.
    I gather the origin of “woke ” is in the black civil rights movement, but it was immediately appropriated by white campus Liberal America.
    To me it reeks of Americas Protestant Evangelicalism recast for today’s puritans. New Zealand and Australia also indulge in endless hand wringing eco mumbo jumbo and general. new ageyness .
    Its not unknown in Europe, Germany does guilt and purity, but Political Correctness as an academic creed is powered by Campus America and always has been.
    Personally I find them smug absurd and shallow but ..thanks to you lot we will be loosed form our European moorings and free to become to the vapid dim witted little America you presumably had in mind.

    Fan – fucking – tastic

  3. The stench of your treason must sicken even you Facepaint–like a man who hasn’t wiped his arse in 50 years.

    YOU may indeed be Euro-trash –with their long history of crawling and grovelling submission to their masters–no surprise there.

    But time your money was taken, you get the shit kicked out of you, and then on the ferry in the clothes you stand up in and away to your new life in Molenbeek.

    This nation has tolerated scum like you long enough.

  4. You can scoff you lot, but Jacinda can actually deliver a budget surplus. When your governments can do that, come back and tell us how terribly woke she is.

    She’s pushing some leftie things at the moment — cannabis reform and euthenasia. But by referendum, not sneaking them past without consent. Which she will honour. Again, when you leaders do that, come and chide us.

    She hasn’t even taken a knee.

  5. JuliaM


    But for a visage I instantly want to punch there can only be the simpering Prof. Brian Cox.

  6. Jacinda inherited a surplus, she didn’t deliver one. Yes, it has grown during her leadership, but the momentum was already there for increasing surpluses and, thanks to her unnecessarily harsh lockdown, she has now delivered a huge deficit.

  7. Isn’t that the face a whiny child makes when (s)he gets to hear Mama is not going to buy the candy (s)he wants?

    Definitely not something you want to see on a person who’s supposed to have learned to do the Adulting thing…

  8. Is it just me, or does she look trans in that photo?

    Obviously not of course, since she’s recently had a child, but just the look if you didn’t know who she was?

  9. Isn’t New Zealand basically fucked because of her lockdown? How can the borders ever be opened now?

  10. @Diogenes

    They don’t have the equivalent of lorries streaming out at Dover, or weekend-trippers flying in. So perhaps they can manage it with a strictly enforced quarantine for arrivals, but was never a serious option for European countries so the comparisons between UK and NZ are utterly misleading. Suspect the damage to the tourism industry is going to hurt, but that looks like being pretty global.

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