Jeez, who’d he piss off?

A Saudi-born tech entrepreneur has been found dead inside his luxury Manhattan apartment, his body having been dismembered with an electric saw.
Fahim Saleh, the 33-year-old founder of the ride-hailing motorcycle start-up Gokada, was found dead by his sister on Tuesday, in the Lower East Side.
Detectives found his decapitated torso, with an electric saw nearby.
Detectives then found the head and limbs.

Getting his financing from Epstein perhaps?

13 thoughts on “Jeez, who’d he piss off?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Gay bondage gone wrong? He was Saudi. And, you know,Nigeria

    I can’t tell how professional it is. Cutting someone up means a lot of preparation and thought. I am not sure I could cut someone up even if I were willing to decapitate them. Muslims may have some practice from killing sheep every year but I am not sure it is the same thing.

    But if they were professional why flee just because the cousin came in leaving all your tools? Why not just do the cousin too?

    If I were the police I would be talking to said cousin. And I would be checking all his bits are there. Some body parts may be worth money to some people.

  2. Well, Saudi, sorta. Of Bangladeshi background, born in Saudi. And investing in Nigeria. Lots of interesting suspects….

  3. Sawing him up sounds Mafia/Cosa Nostra – leaving a message to all and sundry “don’t do whatever it was that he did to offend us”

  4. Seen over in comments to an article on the same topic at Zerohedge:
    “Sigh. When I told you to hack the CEO, I meant…”

    Many excellent comments there, with similar humour.
    “Seems someone took the knee. Both actually.”

    My contribution to this thread, in honour of Sir Michael of Ipcress:
    “You’re only supposed to cut the bloody head off!”

  5. Has someone been watching “Killing Eve”? I’m sure I recently watched a TV series in one episode of which, bodies were routinely cut up and packed in suitcases but I’m struggling to remember the title

  6. @john77

    +1 A competitor hit after he didn’t grease correct palms. Don’t Uber do bike taxis now?

    Or usual Sunni/Shiite 1,000 year war

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