Just terrible

The precipitating event for the Stop Hate for Profit campaign was Zuckerberg’s decision to allow Trump to quote a racist 1960s police chief’s threat against the hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets to protest the alleged police murder of George Floyd: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

That a website would allow the head of state to say something. Appalling, eh?

But however much credit Facebook thinks it deserves, the days of utopian thinking about the social media platform’s ability to foster positive social change are gone.

That’s really what the complaints are about. Back when Obama was incisively using Facebook to forward what the noodlenecks define as “positive” social change then that was fine, lovely, cool. The moment anything that isn’t so defined as “positive” uses the same tools that ain’t.

Actually, as with the general view of free speech these days. Sure, free speech, very important, but only if I already agree with you.

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  1. Marxist scum must be broken. Ruin them, destroy them. Make them pay for the 150 million murdered by socialism.

    Trump is good in speaking as he finds but the reds control and infiltration of education and social institutions in general must be broken.

    Use emerg powers to order mass firings of commie shite. Replace them with anti-commies . Boot the commie shite students but keep aggressively collecting their loans.

    The Purge in short. Ruin and break these Marxist motherfuckers and if they riot–shoot them.

    If those scum win–there is NO future worth shit.

  2. I have to agree with Ecks here.

    Trump is leaving it a little late in the day to do something about the huge bias in the media and education.

    He has an election in only a few months time, yet he allows the media to spew constant falsehoods, whilst allowing them to shut down and disintermediate all those who either support him or are not directly of the left.

    If he doesn’t pull his finger out soon then he’s toast.

  3. In my younger years, I was taught (what I thought were) moral absolutes and steadfast principles. As I grow older, I’m increasingly disappointed to discover that it’s “who, whom” all the way down.

  4. Not sure if I’d want to live in a world where government had the power to do what Ecksy wants. If it could be used to suppress the left, the left get their hands on the controls, it could be used against those the left disapprove of.
    Far better to make freedom of speech a personal matter. If you think someone’s denying you freedom of speech, call them out on it. Forcibly. A stout length of wood across the teeth can be a useful debating point. But do not deny them freedom of speech. Use your stout length of wood to explain that along with freedom of speech comes consequences. In this case in the shape of a stout length of wood. At other times a tyre iron can be more convincing.

  5. The cosmic joke BiS is that if the left win that –and a lot worse–is exactly the world you are going to live in. IF you get to live.

    I don’t WANT to do the things I advocate. But fuck-useless “conservatives” worldwide have been snoozing on the job for 70 odd years and have allowed the left to worm in EVERYWHERE.

    Only drastic moves can now sink the bastards. They have increasing freedom to speak their lying shite. Indeed they are aim for being the ONLY voices out there. Talk isn’t going to beat that esp with a school indoctrinated low IQ population who have been got at by Marxist shite from day one.

  6. “order mass firings of commie shite. Replace them with anti-commies.”

    Where is this pool of anti-commies standing ready and available to be deployed? There aren’t thousands of unemployed university lecturers just waiting in the wings to replace the existing ones.

  7. The left already has their hands on the controls, despite having a Republican President there, and a Conservative Government here.

    The problem at the moment is that anyone trying to exercise their right to free speech rapidly finds that there isn’t a level playing field at all.
    The powers that be will happily see you beaten up, fired, thrown off whatever platform and will happily have you arrested or pilloried should you point out this hypocrisy.

    I am mystified why the nominally in power conservatives should tolerate this.

  8. jgh–Do what can be done. We can certainly find enough anti-commies to handle admin. As for the –mostly humanities –courses, shut them down.

    If we can’t yet replace the leftscum numbers then have standardised video courses–better yet at home via the Net and save a fortune on all sides–taught by good folk like Jordan Peterson and the Mises Institute etc.

  9. Further to Mr Ecks’s suggestion… I reckon that shutting down about 80% of the “university” places and going back to the idea that only those who genuinely would profit from tertiary academic education should receive it, should free up enough non-left staff to redress the balance. I wouldn’t advocate “cancelling” all left-wing academics because I believe in real free speech. Just remove the massive bias to the left.

  10. ‘But however much credit Facebook thinks it deserves, the days of utopian thinking about the social media platform’s ability to foster positive social change are gone.’

    A corruption of ‘social media platform.’ It shouldn’t be neutral, it should ignore.

  11. Dear Mr Worstall

    Oft times the shooter is the lootee; in a gun-owning democracy looting comes with the risk of the owner of the stuff the looter is nicking being a bit upset and pointing a loaded gun at said looter and pulling the trigger.

    I remember watching a TV report in which exactly that happened. Winged him.


  12. the social media platform’s ability to foster positive social change are gone

    The grauniad writer has missed an apostrophe at the end of “social” in both instances, to mark the missing “ist”.

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