You may have noticed popping up on the Tim Worstall feed up top 👆.

Today we’re launching Expunct – with the aim of challenging Political and Economic bias in the media. Do the FT always get it wrong? Does the Guardian always push the right political strategy? Today we challenge it. Argument, by argument.

We’re going to be publishing a series of guest articles starting with Dr. Eamonn Butler from the ASI tomorrow. Each week we’ll have a series of articles expunging error and fallacy in the mainstream media covering economics, politics and philosophy.We’ll also have the usual “worstallian” take downs that you know and love.

We’re looking at having a daily / weekly podcast running though the weeks news and taking it apart piece by piece in the usual fashion. If this is something you’d be interested in, let us know! We are looking at possibly starting this week. (Poll below)

A new addition will be the introduction of Expunct videos. It will feature the best videos from the week which take down an argument. Some will be collations, some will be exclusive to us. (Think Dan Hannan and Jonathan Pie.)

Finally we would like to announce here, only, that Timmy has a new book in the works. He’s already at several thousand words. The topic you might ask? Just a small subject, something about somebodies lives matter or something.

Expect fireworks.🎇

24 thoughts on “Launching”

  1. Wishing you all the best for the new venture.

    Looks like a good way to get noticed (and maybe cancelled).

  2. I look forward to your book being featured in the Waterstones window display just like all the race-hustling literature.

  3. The book sounds like a fast track route to having your number of media invitations reduced drastically…

    Btw, quoting from Expunct:

    “We have no advertising, so if you can help us along with a donation or subscription to help our fundraising we would appreciate it.

    – Advertisement –

    [Whole bunch of Outbrain links follow]”

    Does look a bit daft. Could do with a reword?

  4. You got another way of donating to this, Tim? Always happy to chip in for something worthwhile but I’ve grown wary of payment platforms. Once they’ve your e-mail they spam the f**k out of you. E-mail me an IBAN or something.

  5. “The book sounds like a fast track route to having your number of media invitations reduced drastically…”

    Possibly, but a courageous and worthwhile thing to do, nevertheless, and in my book that beats bloodless careerism, nitpicking paltering and head-downery.

    Besides, last time I looked on Amazon, if I wanted to buy a copy of Camp of the Saints, it was priced at ÂŁ800-ish. How much of that Raspail might have seen, I cannot say.

  6. Good luck.

    Podcasts are a good idea.

    Videos… I guess you can use YouTube, but be careful of them taking down and hiding stuff.

    One idea: a series of humorous videos demonstrating or explaining economic concepts, or maybe bad econ history (e.g. why printing money doesn’t work, Venezuelans trying to cap prices etc)

  7. What my ex-SF buddies would call A target-rich environment.

    Good luck Timmy, you’ve got your work cut out with that.

  8. As the main social media sites get more bogged down in censorship (yes it is censorship) then more and more other sites are starting up to take all the people that have been banned by the main stream social media sites (MSSM). Another person who has set up their own site is Charlie Veitch – go look up his site at

  9. ed,

    “Possibly, but a courageous and worthwhile thing to do, nevertheless, and in my book that beats bloodless careerism, nitpicking paltering and head-downery.”

    It’s also, long-term, the right way forward. I like the comedian Doug Stanhope, and he says that he’s pretty much stopped doing TV and radio because it demands something more homogenous than what he does. And while his podcast audience is smaller, his little team get all the rewards, and he’s just as well off.

  10. In a non-biblical sense, Mr on M4, I’m into Andrew Lawrence. Cracking stuff from him, too, and h/t to Mr in North D for putting me on to that bit of kit.

    “Hallo, I’m detective sergeant officer constable Peter Pisspot, from Twatvalley Police …”

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    The podcast field for political and social commentary is very crowded with some quite good stuff, but they’re starting to get a bit predictable with their positions, so you’ll need a good USP.

    Unless you have someone very good like Joe Rogan, I suggest 2 hosts, it avoids either being a monotone Q&A or repetitive and can be more of a conversation. The ASI new podcast is feeling it’s way but improving and the idea of one anchor host plus another from the ASI works well and helps with variety.

  12. Ecksy won’t read it unless he can demand daily that all fucking parasitic marxist shites are sacked sans compo and…cont’d p.94…repeating endlessly.

  13. Theo–Endless repetition might be the only hope when dealing with numpties who delude themselves they are classical Whigs (more likely you wear a Crown Topper) while picking up the tab for BlueLabour.

    BTW when is your wife getting the hair do. We need that V-shaped recovery.

    Public school eh –what a shame I was too poor and my parents actually wanted me around.

  14. Good luck with the venture Tim. But with the present mess–likely you are pissing in the wind. Too many morons who’ve had too much socialist pizz poured into their brain pans.

  15. If you’re stuck for a title and the book’s based on current ,recent events – may i suggest “Matters Arising”?

  16. Tim, all the best with the book.

    Expunct – Good stuff. Any way you can get the full list of articles just to be presented chronologically as they are here? It’s not that easy to navigate the content.

  17. “……..with the aim of challenging Political and Economic bias in the media…”

    What is the point of talking to people who don’t want to listen, and mentioning the fact to people who already know all about it?

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