Makes them look a bit dim, doesn’t it?

London’s City University has removed the name of Sir John Cass from its business school after complaints that the 18th-century English merchant obtained part of his wealth through the slave trade….

The thing is:

City renamed their world-leading business school 18 years ago when the Sir John Cass Foundation, a charity founded in 1748 to support access to education, donated £5m.

While due diligence was carried on on the foundation, the university had apparently not appreciated Sir John’s links to slavery.

History therefore being something not to study at City University.

No doubt Snippa will pleasure us with his views on the point but they’re irrelevant. He’s not about to give up using his Professor tag for anyone. And it doesn’t come from the business school anyway, he’s from Islington Technical College.

10 thoughts on “Makes them look a bit dim, doesn’t it?”

  1. The best way to avoid any accusation of benefiting from slavery would be to return the money.

    What’s that? I can’t quite hear you! Hello!!!

  2. A while back I met an old boy who used to teach there when it was a technical college. He reckoned it had gone downhill since then.

  3. I’d love to see their “due diligence”. My guess is that in 2002, no-one gave a toss, were sensible about the difference from taking money from people actually enslaving people right now vs slavery in the 18th century.

    The slave owners descendants have to have gone to clogs at some point in there, right?

  4. I want the college for below-average students in Islington to drop the “City” from their name.

  5. @Jonathan
    +1 It’s always remove name, but keep money – hypocritical cnuts


    Autonomous Communist City of Islington University ?

  6. ‘Sir John was a Tory MP and philanthropist, but was a major figure in the early development of the slave trade’

    The ‘but’ is bogus. CU used his name because of his philanthropy, not because of his legal business dealings. Monuments are erected for purposes. Thomas Jefferson for being a founder of the United States. His owning slaves is completely fvcking irrelevant.

    The Leftwaffe’s game is to tear down statues BECAUSE OF THE REASONS THEY WERE CONSTRUCTED. That someone owned slaves is a trick to get you to accept your own destruction. They don’t care. They talk about it because YOU care.

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