Most gracious of you Michel

The European Union is willing to accept UK demands that post-Brexit fishing opportunities be divided using a scientific method that reflects the number of fish in UK waters, rather than the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy….

Vry, vry, kind.

Given that we’ve already left they’re having to rather play catch up on the terms of our leaving, aren’t they?

8 thoughts on “Most gracious of you Michel”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    In what way can it be of any benefit to the UK to negotiate with the EU on access to British waters. It’s conceivable that there might be some advantage in bilateral arrangements with individual countries but a deal on fishing linked to a FTA makes no sense.

  2. If (big if) we designed a sensible fishing policy / quota regime then fishing rights could be distributed to our historic fleet. What they did with it then would be up to them. They could sell their rights to any Spanish or French fishermen they liked. But it would have bugger all to do with the EU.

  3. It says a lot about the EU that this was not the method used before.
    If it were not for the CFP, the ERM and us paying EU migrants to come here, I might have voted remain.
    (The third not being an EU flaw of course).

  4. It’s a trap!!
    (to quote somefilm or other)

    They are talking about dividing up British fishing quotas by “a scientific method”, EU speak for “we decide, you obey”

    The only answer is: “Foxtrot Oscar. The fishing quotas in British economic zone are ours to allocate whenever & however we damn well like. Shut the door on your way out”.

  5. On some deep visceral level they’ve never really come to terms with Henry (eighth of that name) breaking with Rome.

    In their eyes we are just some recalcitrant province. So for that matter is everybody else.

    Bodes well for the coming collapse.

  6. Balmier can fuck off.

    All Blojo has left now is Brexit. He has fucked everything else. If he sells out on that–no more reason to keep him on.

    WTO it is.

  7. and us paying EU migrants to come here, I might have voted remain.
    (The third not being an EU flaw of course).

    I beg to differ David.
    The EU takes the view that the reason why some areas are poorer than others is because productivity is lower, fair enough, but the EU thinks this can be changed through cohesion/convergence funding. This makes pre-existing capitalists more productive, they produce more using fewer people. So the displaced people or rather the people who might otherwise have taken the lower productivity work locally now look to come to the countries providing the subsidies. Which is ironic.
    The contrast is more stark in agriculture where the former commies have mechanised and shed jobs at a much faster rate than if left to market forces. Agricultural subsidies to landowners eh, still the EU’s primary fiscal purpose.

  8. “be divided”

    No, they are our waters and fish. If EU want any they must buy/pay not be given

    I hope Boris & JRM slap increasingly woke Gove down

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