There are calls for Jack Charlton to be awarded a posthumous knighthood following his death at the age of 85 after a year long fight with cancer.

I’m notI’m not sure what the reason is but we don’t give posthumous Ks. Just one of those things not done…..

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  1. The Meissen Bison

    @Sam Vara

    It’s a nice idea but that would apply to all Jacks, including Jack the dog, that lover of freckled Norsks who posts here.

  2. Surely, if he was worthy of one, he was worthy of one for things that happened a long time ago, and certainly not what he did for a foreign country. The fact that he wasn’t given one suggests that people did not consider his achievements worthy of one.

  3. Knights were originally armed warriors, fighting for their King – it’s a bit difficult to fight while in a coffin six feet under.

  4. Because its one of those honours that dies with the person. When you die, you no longer have the honour, therefore it cannot be issues posthumously

  5. Being knighted as a sportsman was once a very big deal. From the 1966 team only Hurst and Charlton junior became Sirs. Charlton senior received an OBE as did Banks and Moore, lower down the scale the rest of the team were awarded MBE’s. Jacks supporters have nothing to complain about on that basis.

    The sad fact that the honours system has been so devalued has no relevance here other to decry the fact that the likes of Garth Crooks, Jermaine Defoe, Gary Lineker (spits) and Bob Wilson as well as the usual “services to ethnicity/diversity” crowd are all on the same scale as Jack.

    Don’t get me started on Olympic medalists.

  6. “There are calls”

    anyone who wasn’t calling for it while he was still alive can be ignored.

    Those who were – it wasn’t enough to get him one then, so why should it be now?

  7. There was a court case involving Bobby Moore after the 66 world cup when he was awarded IIRC £1,000 by the Palmolive soap company as player of the tournament. Question was whether it was taxable. Court decided it wasn’t. Nice line it the transcript when lawyer representing the taxman said the few people would disagree with the verdict.

    As a p.s., the squad was paid a winning bonus of £22k which the FA proposed be split among the starting 11 who played in the final. The players insisted it was split between the whole squad.

  8. I am always sad Bill McLaren was never honoured, for services to sportsmanship. Besides being the voice of rugby, in a way no-one has matched since, he was the embodiment of fair play. Ah well, too late now. Not even a little shilly-shally will get it done. And they will all be very disappointed in Hawick tonight…

  9. “Musta been a heckofa fight with that cancer.” Norman Hunter kicked the cancer up in the air and Jackie Charlton kicked it on the way down.

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