Not as terrible as it seems

Russia report: Kremlin ‘tried to meddle in Scottish independence vote’ – but did not target Brexit
Long-awaited report will lay bare Russia’s efforts to interfere in UK elections

For we’ve been interfering in Russian elections since what, 1989?

That act of interference seemingly being something that sovereign states try to do. And Russian have been trying to interfere here since – well, how long did the Morning Start take Moscow Gold for?

Sure, we should find out who took the money if that’s what came over. Other rule breaches, chase them, obviously. But the mere fact of interference we should be less maiden auntish over…..

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Soros has been doing it longer than 1989 I guess.

    It is bizarre to think that it was fine for Moscow to pay Michael Foot or a random assortment of Guardian journalists, while we were beaming in the BBC in the days when it did not praise Leninism at every chance, but somehow the world is going to come to an end because the voters keep voting for the wrong people.

    And keep in mind Moscow trained, armed and funded the PIRA. Who committed a gross act of political interference in British elections by trying to kill the entire Cabinet and putting Lord Tebbitt’s wife in a wheelchair for life.

  2. In the words of the US’s best President since Bush the Elder: “you think we’re so innocent?”

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I have just been sitting through the BBC press conference. Their main points seem to be:

    1. We have no evidence of Russia doing anything, but
    2. London is full of oligarchs and their money, and
    3. Russians hacked the DNC computers in America, so
    4. It suspicious that Boris has not launched an inquiry and
    5. Recent election results in the UK are just a little suspect (ie Scottish independence, Brexit and Boris getting in)

    Thus is Class 1 High Level Waste glow-in-the-dark bullshit.

  4. 3. Russians hacked the DNC computers in America, so

    Russians hacked a DNC server in someone’s loo, so


  5. Given the many and varied ‘wars of succession’ in European history this has been going on for a very long time

  6. @ SMFS
    As I remember the Russians infiltrated and took over the IRA which became known as the Official IRA after some anti-Protestant Catholics found the atheism of the Brezhnevites too much to stomac and split away to become the Provisional IRA. As dearieme says most of the funding for the Provos came from anti-British Americans.
    It would not particularly surprise me to learn that Russia funded the Provos after the Officials faded into relative insignificance in terms of the number of murders, but initially the Provos raison d’etre was their independence from Moscow.

  7. Yeah, I’ve never understood the pearl-clutching over that here. Oh, so you’re upset that the Russians ran some ads about the candidates? We’ve *destroyed* whole governments who wouldn’t do what we wanted them to – how’s *that* for some election interference.

    People should be grateful all the Russians are doing is buying votes.

  8. The Russians interfered in elections and referendums? Wasn’t very effective, The Democrats lost, Labour lost, ScotIndy lost.

  9. Russia, Russia, Russia

    Sick of it. Pols & MSM behaving as if USSR and cold war still exist

    Russia is not a threat, China is

    Interfering? A few Facenook & Twatter posts. Guardian does far more interfering in USA

    3 Dem staffer leaked DNC server to WikiLeaks as appalled at Hellary corruption

  10. Russia interfering? I’m less worried about them than UK Gov’t ‘Pravda”

    Twat of the week – Ian Collins

    – “Face masks WILL NOT reduce blood O2 levels or increase CO2 levels” – A Lie
    Notable nobody supporting masks phones in – TR should cancel Mr Twat

    imo He’s opened himself up to being sued for dangerous false statements contributing to a Granny’s death
    Lancet “Wearing Face Mask needs Risk Assessment”

    “Seen To Be Doing Something”
    There is information on face masks ‘desperate politicians prefer not to tell’
    Imposition of face masks merely represents “the state’s stupidity and refusal to speak the truth”

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