Now here’s a terrible surprise

‘Crystal clear’ drunk people can’t socially distance, say police in England

Given that the English have traditionally used alcohol to get over that social inhibition and personal space thing perhaps this is olds, not news?

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    They’re desperate to find another reason to lock us down so they can demonstrate they still have power over us.

  2. Just another excuse to use existing powers to recommend withdrawal of the licence if plod is disrespected in any way.

  3. I’ve been monitoring a graph that is supposedly based on recorded new cases of Covid Virus each day. I don’t know the details of how the numbers are arrived at so they have limited value but they do give an idea about which direction the numbers are going. Downwards basically, with no sign of any uptick caused by people going on demonstrations or to the beach a couple of weeks ago. Numbers for the last seven days were:

    890 901 814 689 829 — 519

    I don’t know why July 3rd is missing. The numbers for the previous week were mostly over a thousand.

  4. I think they removed a doublecount on July 3. Roughly 27k came out of the accumulated total of cases, so the daily figure would have been meaningless

  5. Curiously enough, partner and I went to pub for dinner yesterday – support our local businesses etc – and there were a group of young men who had been there since 2pm, obviously very drunk and very affectionate. I seemed to be like catnip to them for they all wanted to hug me. It makes me wonder if Tim Newman is keeping tracks on the world of polyamory

  6. SD are only “guidelines” anyway. Those who want to avoid joining a dole queue of possibly 7 million by Xmas will drop the bullshit quite quickly.

  7. I tried The Two Brewers in Chipperfield today just on the off-chance, but it’s not open till Monday. Useful recce, tho, cos I discovered, or was reminded, that’s it’s a Greene King pub. So I’ll be giving it a miss from now on. The Windmill, just down the road, looks more promising.

  8. We’ll see in a fortnight. If there’s no major uptick in hospitalization or deaths the justification for continuing this nonsense will have gone.
    I don’t bother looking at cases, those numbers are heavily influenced by the number of tests.
    And I’m cautious about hospitalization, as I suspect that the criteria for admissions is being relaxed.

  9. My USA relatives tell me they believe the dramatic increases in “cases” reported in Florida and Texas are a result of anyone who has been in contact with a positive being categorised as positive themselves irrespective of whether or not they have been tested.

    I have no idea how to determine whether this is true or not.

    I am reminded of the official definition of covid related deaths on the NHS UK website which stated that the totals included cases where the medic believed the deceased might have been infected irrespective of the fact that no test had taken place.

  10. Well…. Alcohol is an important ingredient in the goo people “require” you to apply to your extremities to reduce, if not eliminate contact exposure to CoVid virus particles..

    I feel that the topical application of alcohol to the point of extreme inebriety is a valid attempt to ensure your insides are solidly reinforced against the current lurgy/plague. Especially since a *lot* of it ends up being exhaled though the one surface that seems to be the main target of said lurgy/plague: your lungs.

    So the people *least likely* to attract the current plague are the ones the Plod is complaining about…
    ( lots of other things come with extreme inebriety that the plod can complain about, but CoVid shouldn’t be one of them….)

  11. Two Brewers has been a bit crap for a long time. Try Flaunden or Hogpits Bottom. The Boot at Sarratt was still OK 2 years ago

  12. Shame about the place at the crossroads facing the BMW agent… Was it the Blackbird? Run by an ex military type who sometimes cut himself shaving

  13. Given that the WASPs have traditionally used alcohol to get over that social inhibition and personal space thing perhaps this is olds, not news?


    Interesting hypothesis

  14. NHS
    I had the misfortune to be in checkout queue today when “Clap for NHS” announced over PA

    I did not clap. It was pre-organised, all staff were at end of aisles and some woman filming – I stared straight at her

  15. Bloke in North Dorset

    So far today I’ve seen Tweets from Brum City police, Greater Manchester police and Dorset police all saying that it was quiet yesterday.

    I’ve also seen a Tweet where some journalist was sneering at a guy who’d been on night shift fixing roads having a pint at 6am.

    And any number of middle class snobs who seem happy for the working class to keep the supermarkets stocked, deliver their necessities from Amazon, keep their power on, fix their broadband when it goes down etc, demanding that those same working class people should be denied the opportunity to go for a pint because Boris has only done this to deflect from Cummings’ misdemeanours. And yet they are still perplexed why the working class hate them and voted Brexit. Its a complete mystery to them.

  16. Been practicing social distancing since early January. Been using a mask in winter past 2 years anyway to avoid breathing a lot of cold air. I like my lungs to work.

    There are millions of us at some sort of risk from this virus. Best chance we have is not to get near anyone else who has it.
    Nor surfaces they have touched.

    I rather like my family, all told between the kids and the adults there are 30 of us. And risk is that I may end up with 5 kids – and no wife. All the adults are at risk, I have the best chances so long as avoid hospital.
    Really don’t want to inherit money by losing 24 members of my family. Have had them isolating since January, all still safe for now. Despite government.
    I’ve not seen any of them in 10 months, probably won’t see them except through a window for a couple of years or more.

    Government makes decisions based on multiple factors. Medical is one, but not the only one. Ideally we’d have a vaccine before all mixing of the population carried on, that was never going to happen. Indeed, no guarantee we will ever have a vaccine useable by even 90% of the population.

    The processes used at the moment appear to cut out multiple years of testing. Reducing safety in the interests of speed.

  17. Martin you really have drunk the nanny state Kool Aid. Yes this particular bug has been worse than a routine bad flu year but not by that much. On any given day you have about 1:100,000 chance of catching it and if you do you have about a 1:200 chance of dying from it, less if you are in good health and under 50. And for this level of risk you have decided to stop living your life.

  18. Been practicing social distancing since early January. Been using a mask in winter past 2 years anyway to avoid breathing a lot of cold air. I like my lungs to work.

    WTF? If you had paid attention to your biology lessons when at school you would realise that the nasal system warms and moistens air before it reaches the lungs. You might even have learned a thing or two about how our immune systems work. If you had paid attention during your maths lessons you would have a basic grasp of statistics and risk. If you actually did a little basic research you might start to grasp the concept of critical thinking, which appears to be a dying art. I suggest that you will be more at home on Farcebook where the kind of fact-free, emotional incontinence you have displayed here is likely to be more to your liking.

    You are right, though, face masks do have a purpose. I use them as an early warning system to alert me to the presence of credulous fools.

  19. A little less vehemence please. Martin has long told us of his specific and highly problematic health issues. He really does have a problem here, in a way that those we might usefully sneer at do not.

  20. @ Tim

    And this is the problem – the vast majority of people (< 75 years old) without pre-existing medical conditions won't have a problem with COVID-19. The whole country has been locked down to "protect" people like Martin, who quite reasonably, don't want to be a death statistic.

    However, this won't work as a long term strategy – we can't continually lock down the country when a new sniffle comes along. It needs sensible restrictions which, sadly, will probably mean at risk groups get quarantined whilst the rest of the country goes about it's business.

    Does it suck for them – yes. Should the rest of the population be given the same treatment (for equality reasons?) – no.

  21. If Martin has a serious health condition that makes him much more vulnerable than the rest of us to Covid virus, it surely would have made sense to have mentioned it in his post.

  22. Mr Yan

    Actually, I think we’re mostly on the same side. In that I don’t get the impression that Martin is asking to be protected? He’s made it clear that he’s doing what he needs to do for himself and his family, irrelevant of any Gov instruction, for example, self isolating since Jan, etc.


    Always a bit of a problem with blogs? He’s mentioned this stuff on and off in the past, hence, many here already know.

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