Now there’s service for you

Two Mexican women who discovered that they were having an affair with the same married man decided to take the ultimate revenge: they organised his contract killing.

Ana Laura Jaramillo and Alhelí Mendoza, who are thought to be in their thirties, have been sentenced to 43 years and nine months each in prison for the murder on April 2, 2018, which was the day they found out they were being cheated on.

Some industries in some places can get right down to providing the promised service. Other witter about too busy mate, can’t do it for months Guv and all that.

Mexico – where the hitmen can be found, hired and in action the same day.

Obviously that effect of competition in the private sector…..

4 thoughts on “Now there’s service for you”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    That’s a strange sentence, why the 9 months and not just a number of years?

  2. Both his mistresses neither his wife. Obviously they didn’t care about her travail–just their own egos.

    The Mexican court should allow the wife to hire a hitman for the pair of them and save a fortune in jail expenses–or set em both to work as prossies to pay murder-mony (so to speak) to the wife.

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