Oh aye?

Political rivals of Justin Trudeau are calling for a criminal investigation after it emerged that members of his family were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by a charity to which his government recently awarded a substantial contract.

The multinational WE Charity confirmed on Thursday that Trudeau’s wife, mother and brother had been paid for appearances at charity events over the years. Margaret Trudeau, the prime minister’s mother and wife of the former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, has been paid nearly C$250,000 (US$182,000) since 2016 – far more than any other family member.

Does sound rather quid pro quo, doesn’t it? Can’t be, obviously, as these are good liberal types, but still. Worth having a look at perhaps.

Even if only to prove that it’s only ever rightist capitalist types who do such things.

5 thoughts on “Oh aye?”

  1. Turdough is surround by scandals which–despite plenty of evidence –never seem to go anywhere. A Canuck Clinton in short. The Toxic Two should adopt the cunt.

  2. Unless the WE stands for well endowed I doubt if Justins mum would wish to be associated with it, fees or no fees.

  3. Gamecock: There are a lot of scandals around Castroson Turdboy . Compared to Bill & Kill’s mega-thieving they are chump-change I agree but it is a case of action on a reduced scale rather than the Turd being a lesser criminal.

    As far as I know the Canfuck has not had anybody killed but commentators here may know otherwise.

    Also well done to Trump on commuting Roger Stone’s sentence. A bit late after the absolute travesty of a “trial” but better late than never. Now the Judge needs arresting.

  4. An interesting aside is that this story was investigated and “scooped” by a small website called ‘Canadaland’. Not the CBC, which gets over C$1B in annual funding from the Canadian government.

    And if that’s not enough, the right-wing ‘Rebel News’ actually complimented the left-wing ‘Canadaland’ for pursuing this story!

    I’ve become quite jaded of big media lately, and find that some of these small sites are embracing the spirit of independent journalism that is sorely lacking these days.

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