Snippa’s latest video on money. He says that banks don’t create money. So that’s the Positive Money wet squad coming for him then.

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  1. Is anybody spoiling some storage downloading these? Before the contradictions get deleted from the tube.

  2. I’m increasingly of the opinion that the man is either a satirical genius or arguably the most stupid man extant in civilization. The ‘analysis’ such as it is in that video would embarrass a GCSE student.

  3. @Van_Patten “The ‘analysis’ such as it is in that video would embarrass a GCSE student”.

    Spud’s main talent is telling people what they desperately wish to hear.

    Those that believe capitalism is evil and that socialism is wonderful are excited to hear from Spud that capitalism is evil and that socialism is wonderful. They believe this because they want to believe this and so he has an audience. Sadly, some of that audience has the power to put him in a position to teach his peculiar brand of nonsense. The students he teaches know no better.

    The embarrassment will be with the student when they repeat out in the real world what they have been taught, and get laughed at.

  4. I admire the diligence of all who watch these videos. I find Murphy’s appearance too repellent (truthfully) to be able to persevere.

  5. AndrewC

    I know – I shouldn’t express surprise. If history teaches us anything its that evil is extremely persistent! Sadly, at the moment too often evil seems to be triumphing and much that is good seems to be on the verge of destruction.Again we may be in a historic time. The forces of darkness, like Murphy could yet prevail and leave humanity immeasurably impoverished both physically and mentally. A sobering thought given its 5pm somewhere….

  6. OT What’s with these Millionaires for Humanity, asking to be taxed more? Don’t they realise they can donate to their respective government? But of course donating doesn’t fit the narrative – it has to be tax. Perhaps they listen to M. Pomme de Terre.

  7. Tractor Gent: they’re virtue signalling twats. They’ll soon start squealing if a wealth tax was introduced or income tax rates went up to 98p in the pound. I was struck by Richard Curtis. Presumably the same Richard Curtis whose films have benefited from significant tax breaks / reliefs over the years. I’d imagine there’s very many more millionaires thinking the same as us. At least I hope so.

  8. What’s with these Millionaires for Humanity, asking to be taxed more?

    If it was down to me their request would be met. Stringent tax on just the signees.

    Roman emperors used to deal with virtue signallers pretty ruthlessly, executing people who’d made them a beneficiary of their will and taking the money. When Caligula was gravely ill a toady prayed to the gods to take him instead. After the emperor recovered he had the toady killed to seal the deal.


  9. We have worse enemies than Spud.

    Face mask fuckwittery. Despite Gove BS yesterday tomorrow SNP-aping face-masks-in-shops is to be announced.

    The cleverness of the evil is that all the shops will try to enforce it. So we end up brawling with shop staff.

    And Plod can role out breeching the peace etc.

    Too many bedwetting scum. But I will do what I can to ruin as many businesses who comply as possible.

  10. On the other hand, Boris has now proved that he’s an utterly useless cunt – this government should be defunded. Everyone should refuse tax. The Tories need to ditch him fast as he’s lost whatever spine he had and is now a liability. This mask wank is so profoundly stupid there must surely be a U-turn before it’s implemented.

    Other than repeating “cunts” many times I can’t think of an appropriate response for this evening.

  11. The cleverness of the evil is that all the shops will try to enforce it. So we end up brawling with shop staff.

    Nope, we’ll just end up going to shops only when absolutely necessary. Retail will die.

    The cabinet should all be publically whipped. If BLM/Antifa want to take another crack at Downing Street they have my blessing.

  12. Well Tesco/Asda have security staff so trying to get in there means a fight and Plod called. So hopefully they will lose money–esp if they can’t cope with on line demand.

    Small shops –will want to stay in business. Something can be done there maybe.

    Punishment=£100 fine for non-mask wearer. But as Crimebodge says –they can be dealt with so:

  13. Ecks/PJF

    A hundred times over.

    Part of one’s exercise routine might be trying to walk into successive shops and be refused entry. Rather than any confrontation at that point – OK, no problem, I’ll go and buy it somewhere else. Probably futile?

    Or, if needs absolutely must at any stage, write something pithy and insulting on the front of the mask, specifically with regard to the worthless shit. Humour with the insult might be best, as 1) the joke is firmly on the turd, and 2) it’s not confrontational at all with the shop. Could that become a campaign?

    Hopefully, they may see sense before going ahead with it; would letters to lots of Con MPs help? In Scotland, Krankee is in charge and her lot probably support this. It’s vice versa in England, those more to the right are more likely to oppose it. Cummings can’t genuinely be that stupid?

    If he is that dense, then I suspect my local corner shop will be getting a lot more business.

  14. . . . write something pithy and insulting on the front of the mask . . .

    “Hand over the money” will probably be a popular phrase.

  15. I’m thinking of making a mask of something obviously mesh-like, so as to take the piss. Net curtain material, that sort of thing.

  16. write something pithy and insulting on the front of the mask . .

    “Boris is a spineless, useless, shit…

  17. A wide-ish metal mesh mask is a VERY good idea Jim. It won’t keep the breezes out and it is no more useless than cloth. Let shops or plod start shouting that it is useless. What a lovely court-case and think of the chaos if they start trying to rule over what kind of mask is acceptable–how many more people will that irritate.

  18. Back on point… Yes he absolutely did insist that banks create money. He lept into the BoE’s paper about it. He tried on his own blog to lecture me on double-entry bookkeeping (strangely enough he got it wrong). Frances Coppolla came in this blog to talk about it and all agreed – none more so tham Murphy – that banks created money “out of thin air”.

    So now it isn’t true?! Only on Ritchieworld.

  19. write something pithy and insulting on the front of the mask

    If I end up buying a mask, I’ll be writing “Thanks, China!” on the front.

    Might trigger a few SJW twats (if I’m lucky), but the shops can’t call it offensive. I expect most who see it will agree, and it’ll keep reminding them just who is to blame for this shitshow.

  20. One thing I’ve wondered (though not enough to actually look it up) is will banks and petrol stations insist that masks are worn or taken off?

  21. Jim, I like the mesh idea. And maybe even write something on that, with a very thick marker pen, otherwise it wouldn’t work. Or sellotape the message to the mesh, but not covering the mouth area obviously….

    And “Thanks China!” too, except that they aren’t responsible for our incompetent reaction, I want to target *our* cretin specifically, for being a useless turd and making me wear one.

  22. djc

    Yes, the options are many..:) Maybe something milder for a public space, but essentially making the same point. I’ll mull further…

    If the shops are not going to enforce this, only the police, it does suggest that the scope for lots of mischief could be substantial?

  23. I think we should start a competition or whatever: best slogan to print on a mask, more effective if everyone is singing from the same hymn-sheet so to speak.

    This mask brought to you by Bloody Stupid Johnson

  24. Muzzles for Muggles (brought to you etc)

    Heil Boris – the Bottling Bell End
    (and if one could photoshop Boris doing an appropriate salute?)

    All Heil Boris Alexandra de Big Girls Blouse

    I’m crap at this – it needs some good literary lateral thinkers…


    She’s right:

    Why are we afflicted by this weird national psychosis? How has the British bulldog become the scaredy-cat of Europe? Across the Continent, life is almost back to its joyful, risk-taking self in many places, yet here we are imposing another law that denies personal choice and precious freedom.

    I mean no disrespect, by the way, towards those who are still ultra cautious about venturing out. You will not find the jeering word “bedwetters” in this column. The brainwashing has been so relentless, positive information so scarce, that anxiety is a perfectly natural response.

    I’m sure many will be grateful for the extra protection they have been told masks afford them in shops. Personally, I will refuse to do my shopping in places which require me to wear one. I will buy as much as I can online or outdoors at market stalls. I will be respectful of my fellow citizens, but I will not demean myself by covering my face to mask the inadequacies of a government that has failed to reassure its people or treat them like grown-ups capable of making decisions for themselves.

    “A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people,” as President Kennedy said a long time ago.

    My thoughts exactly.

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