Oh Lord

In 2018 he graduated in politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London

Maro Itoje is not going to have a healthy and balanced view then…..

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  1. Sure, it was always a hotbed of Trots. A spearhead in fact of CM’s assault on the universities.

    But since they’re now all like that, him being from SOAS tells us no more than that he’s been to A.N. Other university.

  2. Great rugby player, not so great historian seeing as how his direct ancestors were probably slave traders.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset


    I agree about his rugby prowess and he’s been tipped as a future England captain, but he’s far too petulant for my liking, as are most of the Sarries players.

  4. I only skimmed the article, but he didn’t seem to be any more wokely halfwitted than other sports stars. He is an immense talent although, I see BiND’s point (and it is definitely a Sarries thing).

    The other thing to remember is that he is answering questions put to him by a Times hack. The Guardian for Higher Rate Taxpayers is far more PC idiotic than Itoje and EVERY time they interview him they twat on about his race and demand his views on awful racist Britain. Almost as if his status as a Black Sports Star in England was more important than him as an individual. Which all seems a bit racist to me TBH.

  5. Making David Beckham captain did away with his former petulance. Maybe the same will apply for Maro and once made captain he will realise it’s generally better to get on with refs (Alun Wyn Jones being the obvious example).

    Anyway it’s a virtual certainty that rugby will follow the other major sports in knee-bending. Just look at the way Israel Folau was treated and Billy Vunipola was leaned on over here. At least we’ll have a woke captain who is actually worth his place.

  6. Did anyone have the patience to listen to Michael Holding’s “moving” programme on systemic racism in cricket? I couldn’t be bothered. It all seems trumped up by Sky. Players and commentators wearing BLM matters tags. Oh look is that a bandwagon receding into the distance…

  7. Record sporting events, especially cricket. You can fast forward through adverts, political speeches, etc.

  8. We had racism in cricket when I was young – you couldn’t play for Yorkshire unless you were born there, so Mrs (later Lady Hutton) took an emergency drive up the A1 just before Richard (Yorkshire and England) was born. Due to some carelessness or bad luck Richard’s son Ben didn’t qualify so captained Middlesex. Colour didn’t come into it and I remember one January morning catching the wandering train to Oxford via York and listening to two Yorkshire guys the other end of the compartment chatting: when the sun came up I could see one was black and one was white; also the younger Pataudi playing for Sussex.
    Was the “Equalities Act” right to ban the “Yorkshiremen only for Yorkshire” rule? I, personally, do not thinks so.

  9. Dennis, Watford's Next Manager

    Would anyone give a shit about his opinions if he wasn’t a professional rugby player?

    If the answer is “no”, then why bother with them now?

    And Lud’s observation is correct: What university in Britain (or the USA) isn’t a communist stronghold these days?

  10. My best friend in the 1960s got his degree in Latin American studies. When he went to look for work, all asked, “What do you know about accounting?”

    Uhhh . . . back to school for a couple more years for accounting degree.

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