Party Time

Two police officers suffer broken bones after bricks and bottles thrown at illegal west London party

So, the bricks and bottles were thrown *at* the party, meaning the officers must have been attending in order to be injured.

Some sort of community cohesion exercise I presume?

8 thoughts on “Party Time”

  1. Looks like the Met is so scared of being accused of racism that it is prepared to see ill-equipped officers die in the line of duty.

    When the Met gets a complaint about such parties, it needs to be sending as many officers as possible, all fully armoured, and then disperse the crowd with pepper spray, tear gas and baton charges.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    The Met is hopelessly compromised by always seeking to curry favour with ‘communities’. Better, now, to send in the Ghurkas to lathi-charge such frolicsome party-goers.

  3. It’s a fatal combination of the cowardice of the authorities and the utter shamelessness of black activists and their supporters.
    Linford Christie had a moan about the ‘racist police’ on social media because they stopped some runner in London. Didn’t hear a peep from him about police officers getting battered with bricks and bottles.

  4. Ropers abusing young white girls – leave it alone – culturally sensitive (and they’ll give us grief in the media).
    BLM c*nts rioting – leave it alone – we need to allow people to express their emotions regarding perceived historical racism (and they’ll give us grief in the media).
    Romany traveling folk pitching up and despoiling everywhere they go – leave it alone – we need to understand their centuries of oppression(and they’ll give us grief in the media).

    All of these are the same – these people will give the filth a hard time so it is so much easier for them to go for the soft targets.

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