It might be necessary to add and “I know” after the no one there.

Second, no one believes a word Johnson says any more. His credibility is shot.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    In fairness his colleagues and former editors don’t seem all that impressed with his honesty either.

    I wouldn’t care if he wasn’t so wet, spineless and in need of being loved.

    Still up to a point I am willing to forgive a lot if he gets Brexit over the line.

  2. Who was the last credible PM? Thatcher perhaps? She looked as if she meant what she said. No evasiveness. Before Thatcher, you might have to go back to Churchill or maybe even the big Nev Chamberlain. As for MPs in general it’s hard to think of anyone other than uncle Enoch. It’s depressing if you think that credibility matters. It obviously doesn’t to the majority of voters. Second example of revealed preference theory today!

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    I do care about Johnson’s honesty but not that much. I do not need him to be honest. I need him to crush my enemies under the tracks of his tanks, driving their bewailing women before him and burning the houses of ill repute that produce them.

    If he does that, then he can have jus primae noctis with every virgin bride north of the Watford Gap for all I care.

  4. “Still up to a point I am willing to forgive a lot if he gets Brexit over the line”

    Delete “if”, insert “until”

  5. Credible PM, Diogenes? Blair was utterly transformative.

    Also vapid, simpering, cloying, weaselly, and treacherous. But transformative, nevertheless.

  6. Did you find Blair credible, Mr Lud ? From the very first time I saw him speaking, with that strange gesture where he moved his hands up and down in front of his belly, he made my flesh creep.

  7. Blair is by far the most significant politician of the past 30 years and definitely transformative.
    Just not in a good way.

  8. Credibility: Sir Alec had credibility because he was almost certainly the most honest – but was also certainly the shortest-reigning – PM (IMHO the latter was a result of the former) since WWII.

  9. My disappointment in Johnson, indeed this entire government is so profound I can only express it through the medium of contemporary dance.

    As SMFS said, I do not give a fig for his honesty, but that he restores some confidence in our institutions and destroys the enemies of civilisation.

    Unfortunately he and Patel, in particular, have capitulated to those enemies.

  10. Diogenes, if you’re a tranzi he was very credible. He gave them a banquet to feast on for generations to come.

    He was also credible if, like me, you’re tranzi garlic because, after all, he was so transformative – in other words, for the equal and opposite reason.

    Peter Hitchens had it right early on in The Abolition of Britain: Blair was not some inoffensive centrist just because he cosied-up to City investment banks and liked money. He was an unreconstructed soixante-huitieme who hid his revolution in plain sight of all the idiots who voted for him because they thought he was harmless.

    The fact that on the surface he was glib and plausible – you might say ‘lacking credibility’ – changes none of this.

  11. @So Much For Subtlety – July 23, 2020 at 10:37 am

    … then he can have jus primae noctis with every virgin bride north of the Watford Gap for all I care.

    So, you’re not expecting him to “get much action” then…?

  12. Diogenes, first time I saw Blair speaking I was reminded of US TV evangelists. Same mannerisms, same snake oil.

  13. “I need him to crush my enemies”

    Unfortunately he, and his spineless party, have now become the enemy as well…

  14. They’ve been the enemy for years, Dave Ward. Decades. Worse than Labour, because the Tories are (among other things) a Trojan Horse inside the city gates from out of whose belly leap SJW myrmidons and social democrat Spartans.

    That there are decent people like Tebbit who are allowed to be members and even advance within the Party ought not to distract you. They’re just window-dressing.

  15. Glad for the reminder, Tebbit, along with Lawson and Nicholas Ridley were also politicians I used to find credible

  16. All the last 6 PMs since Thatch have been brazen traitors.

    Bloj hasn’t yet fucked Brexit up. If we go WTO that might be the only positive legacy the cunt will ever haver.

    I am dismayed by the fact that barely 8 months after having the world handed him on a plate–Blojob Johnson has fucked everything.

    At first I thought him a cowardly hysteric pissing in his kegs over Pantsdowns/SAGE bullshit. Helped by the SCS who wanted him to paddle himself up shit creek-as he has.

    But with this worldwide mask caper—it HAS to be Agenda 21. Fucking Australia–what happened to all the hardcase , hard-drinking Ockers?–now in mask 24/7 with 100 a day fine for disobeying.

    That is WW plan and only way out is “vaccine” shite and immunity cert-which becomes Digi-Passport=Bliars ID card but worse= social credit system.

    Never mind Theo’s blue-painted bollocks- I say Dr Vernon Coleman–transvestite ( not tranny –just cross dresser-)or not has pegged what is going on just about right. A spiral ever downwards for ord folk.

    What else explains Blojob’s crushing small businesses the worst? His still banging on about more LDs and allowing local trash to kick off. And his creatures blowing hard about a “2nd Wave”–prob using Winter Flu as excuse. A pond Newt would know that the first LD would be econ disaster. And that any “2nd” will leave UK pop with far worse–food shortages quite possibly and 10 million on dole?

    What else can Blojob be about but the globo elites game?

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