Boris Johnson is expected to take the first steps of a promised anti-obesity drive with a ban this month on supermarket promotions of unhealthy food.

If only it were possible to actually have a conservative government. Sadly, anyone prepared to put the effort in to run for office is only going to want to do something…..

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  1. There will soon be what–7 million some estimate–on the Dole and worried about affording enough food for themselves and their families.

    That Blojob Johnson–despite having wrecked the economy– persists with what is effectively adding insult to injury shows that he is the fool’s fool.

  2. The party has been so damaged by things like Cameron’s “A list” that most of it is like this. Boris isn’t “very libertarian” despite imagining himself to be. No-one who is “very libertarian” would support hosting the Olympics.

    And there’s no way to change the Conservatives. There’s a couple of people like Liz Truss, but the numbers are far too small to make any difference. Most of them are more like Cameron.

    The only answer is a libertarian party directly targetting the most marginal of Conservative seats and doing enough damage to give them a fright, like UKIP did.

  3. Unhealthy foods:

    Smoked Salmon
    French cheeses (esp. unpasteurized)

    Healthy food:

    Most burgers
    Beef, mutton, chicken etc

    Wait till the Guardianistas work this out.

  4. @BOM4

    I think Boris has always been more One Nation than libertarian but at times the liberal fun-loving side has been been a convenient thing for him to flag up, while for the opposition it’s always convenient to paint someone as the spawn of Thatcher and a government (hence jobs and services) slasher.

    Ukip is an interesting contrast because it did attract libertarian anti-EU types but at some point (possibly because it was more in line with the voters it was going after) it opted strongly for traditionalist social conservatism instead. Not thinking about the neo-BNP stage post Farage but more the weird “repaint the trains, bring back the cane, enforce proper dress codes at the theatre(!)” stuff.

    Do you think there would be many libertarian voters? Your plan doesn’t need enough to win a seat but does still need to be big enough to cause genuine irritation. Assuming most libertarians would have been anti-EU the fact that post-libertarian UKIP was so much more successful is a bit of a downer. Also think you may have to chuck in the classical liberals, not just hardcore libertarians, to start getting into the realms of 1000+ votes in a constituency. I fear libertarians are not especially geographically concentrated in swing seats which doesn’t help but hard to be sure without polling that likely doesn’t exist at present.

  5. BoM4

    “The only answer is a libertarian party directly targetting the most marginal of Conservative seats…”

    That relies on there actually being a large cohort of libertarian inclined voters currently unrepresented, but there aren’t. Libertarianism has a vanishingly small audience. That bottom right corner in the ‘values quadrant’ – economically and socialy liberal – is severely underpopulated, but quite well represented in those who get to rule us. The diametrically opposite quadrant – economically left and socially authoritarian – is where the greatest plurality of the population lies (cf. The Red Wall), but is almost totally unrepresented in positions of power.

  6. The Gamecock junk food test: “Will it help a starving man?” If so, it isn’t junk food. Just food.

    The ‘junk’ appellation is a function of human usage, not the food itself.

    Obesity is quantitative, not qualitative.

  7. I remember Magnus Pike (ex Ministry of Food and others) explain on an ITV tv show in the 1970’s, “there is no such thing as bad food, only bad diet”.

  8. The only answer is a libertarian party . . .

    They couldn’t hold it together long enough. Libertarians fall out with each other faster than Marxists do. Libertarians (as opposed to classical liberals who recognise the virtue of nation states built around liberty) are nearly always hobbyist, purist twats.

  9. Unfortunately, a true libertarian mindset of live and let live is extremely rare. Politics is about one group trying to impose their will on others. Most politicians of any party think that’s the reason they hold office. Think of the committees that can be formed to determine which foods are to be labeled as unhealthy, the public hearings, the position papers, etc. These people live for this crap. They’re not going to give it up.

  10. Obviously the NHS staff should be forced to provide a good example to the masses – each one should be given a target weight, if they don’t meet it within a year they’re sacked, with no pension.

  11. Damn, Jim, that’s too harsh. Keep them in a cage with a toilet and water until they reach the government’s established weight goal.

    And if government is going to get into this sh|t, every member of government should be periodically weighed and sent to the fvcking cages if they fail. When it comes to ‘obesity’ and government, government should STFU.

  12. ‘Healthcare provision’ seems to be a magnet for the overweight woman. I can only remember one occasion when the nurse who carried out my yearly medical wasn’t a lardarse, with no concept of the irony when warning me I was at the top end of my BMI range.

  13. @BoM4
    Also banned
    on HFSS grounds:
    – Oily fish like smoked mackerel, kippers etc we’re urged to eat by PHE Food zealots
    Look at all those ‘Junk Food’ Red Alerts

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