Slightly weird

People over 6ft have double the risk of coronavirus, study suggests

Given the fuss over BAME susceptibility of course this shows the structural heightism of society and demands a Procrustian solution…..

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  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    “People who are over 6ft tall have more than double the chance of being diagnosed with Covid-19, a survey suggests.”

    Survey not study according to the link and when you see the words “survey suggests” its time to stop reading as it just another press release from people wanting attention and funding.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset


    News like this is a good way to start the day:

    “John Bercow SNUBBED: Humiliation for former Speaker as peerage slips away
    JOHN BERCOW will be formally dropped from the final list of peerages this week over concerns raised about outstanding bullying claims, Whitehall sources have claimed.

    Former Labour Party deputy leader Tom Watson and Jeremy Corbyn’s ex-chief Karie Murphy will also be formally snubbed for peerages this week when the Dissolution Honours are published, they said. This comes despite the trio being nominated for former Labour leader Mr Corbyn. Whitehall sources say they have been dropped from the final list following concerns raised by the House of Lords Appointments Commission, known as Holac.”

    There is some integrity in politics after all.

  3. Sarah Knapton’s pieces often appear to be either unreliable or inaccurate (typical DT). Long after studies were demonstrating far lower general IFR rates for Covid, she would still write scaremongering articles where the entire argument would be based on it still being ~1% or so.

  4. Remember a show from the 80’s – ‘A Small problem’. People under 5ft tall forced to live in tower block ghettos.

  5. Is this not just because men are more likely to get the virus, and men are far more likely to be over 6 foot tall?

  6. Reminds me of an episode of Hancock’s Half Hour: though my recollection is that in that case it was “the tallest men with the largest hooters what survive”.

  7. Jim, officially there is no such thing as men or women any more. The concept that “men” are on average taller than “women” is a patriarchal socially constructed binary.

  8. “it’s procrustean with an e, Tim.” He cut it short to make a subtle joke. Or not, as the case may be. Maybe he’s light-hearted today: consider ‘snigger’.

  9. BiND: Hmm. Daily Express. I like an independent second source for their stuff, but I shall be more than pleased if it is in fact true. I look at their website from time to time, but they definitely have a case of rampantly overcooking stuff. Their lexicon is mostly horrific, panic, huge, yada yada, and the CAPSLOCK is stuck a lot of the time. The Daily Mail is a paragon of reasoned argument by comparison.

  10. BlokeInTejasInNormandy


    Exactly 6ft 0.00″?
    Folk 5ft 11.5 have no extra risk at all?
    Folk 7ft have the same risk as those who are 6ft?

    It’s almost as if nonsense were being spouted by eejits!

  11. “A new study suggests coronavirus does not affect left-handed people.”

    Whose last name starts with “I.”

    ‘People over 6ft have double the risk of coronavirus.’

    And what is that risk?

    With CV-19 not dissipating with NH summer, I believe that it will only be “stopped” by herd immunity. I.e., most everybody is going to get it. 50 to 60%. Measures like masks – if they do anything – only delay the inevitable. WHICH IS NOT GOOD.

    As many of us said months ago, protect high-risk people, and let it go. Spreading it out over a long time makes it worse.

    “A coward dies a thousand deaths.”

  12. So Much For Subtlety

    Rev. Spooner July 29, 2020 at 8:19 am – “It’s rampant apartheight. (c) The Goodies, 1975.”


    Prophetic in many ways. Especially the way in which they foresaw all the Blacks in South Africa seeing how good life was in the UK and moving there.

  13. So Much For Subtlety

    The only thing they missed was the old joke:

    “We are alright as long as the drums keep up”
    “Why? What happens when the drums stop playing?”
    “Bass solo”

    It is better in the original Xhosa.

  14. “The jockeys are restless tonight”.

    I’d be careful with that one, Dr Bud. I believe in certain southern states the noun’s vernacular for…gasp…black people. Something to do with lawn ornaments, I believe. You could find yourself cancelled.

  15. How many 80+ year-old people of whatever gender are over 6ft? People born and brought up during rationing? When 6ft was tall. Study or survey, this is prima facie bollocks.

  16. TW3: “And bad news for all three-foot dwarfs in the Peninines – four-foot snowdrifts.”

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